Top 5 Festivals Best Known For Their Fashion Trends

fashion trends

Those regularly attending the fashion events know that picking the right outfit can be tricky. The fashion season is a season when you want to look cool, stylish and fancy. If you are a blogger or just a regular fashion-lover, then you know that the outfit you present might become the next big trend. You never know, right?

Different fashion occasions require different outfits, so here are some unique and universal ideas and suggestions.

Fashion Weeks

Paris, London, Milan and New York fashion weeks are the most popular fashion weeks in the world. Each year, during February and September, many fashion designers are gathering together in this cities and present their newest fashion designs. They show and set the fashion trends that will rule through the year. The fashion shows are famous by the audience also. The first rows are usually occupied by the famous singers, celebrities, actresses and it-girls and boys around the globe. If you decide to attend this event, then go for the stylish shoes and bag, combined with a colourful dress, or pair them with statement T-shirt and wide leg trousers. You can always choose a gown too, but if you are not in the front row, then you might feel a little overdressed. Whatever you choose, you will definitely be spotted.

Music Festivals

Music festivals are famous events that many regular people and celebrities attend. Another aspect, besides the music from this event, is of course the fashion. Many music festivals set the trend of the casual summer look. When it comes to the outfits, popular belief is that the hot pants are the most popular outfit for the music festival. These days, they are not, and you do not have to be preoccupied with them. Switch them with cute shorts and sunglasses for the sunny days. The festival outfit is supposed to be comfortable and flawless at the same time. Lately, the BOHO style is very present among the attendees, so add some flower crowns, wide dress and you are picture-ready.

Film and Movie Awards

When you hear “red carpet” it automatically associates you with some film or movie event. Well, besides the biggest main purpose of this event – celebration of achievements in the film industry, the next biggest thing is the fashion on the red carpet. The red carpet became a whole separate event, when the guests are arriving into the arena and the whole attention is directed towards what they wear. For this purpose, the most famous fashion designers in the world design gown that their protégés will wear on that big night, and at the same thank them in public. The most appropriate piece of clothing for this occasion is an evening gown, some silky kimono or anything elegant.


Hotel, restaurants or store openings are very popular fashion events. The highlight of this event is the arrival of guests. Many stars and celebrities find this event as an opportunity to dress into the best high fashion and turn the short track from a limo to the store into a runway. The most appropriate attire for this occasion would be something fancy, trendy, whatever you feel comfortable with, but look also like a big hot-shot.

“Different fashion occasions require different outfits.”

Brunch or dinner

The late breakfast – the brunch has become highly popular event among the young population. Many it-girls and famous bloggers regularly gather on Sunday morning at some hotels and restaurants that have created brunch like a separate event. They serve champagne and mimosas, as starters, and it became an event similar like the tea parties in the past. The outfit is mainly casual, dresses, kimonos and jeans, paired with nice jewellery and sandals or stilettos.