Laurèl Ready to Wear Fall 2017

Laurèl Ready to Wear Fall/Winter 2017

Laurèl Ready to Wear Fall/Winter  2017

Laurèl new vision of the modern woman take sequins dresses with metallic high-top sneaker and thick-woven scarves and anoraks on camisoles and boxed park brocade trousers to cut silk with a carefree tone. “What we have seen today will be our new direction,” said chief designer of the brand, which is a “luxury sports collection” calling new customers to win. “But our [existing] client also follows us for the sport, relaxed design, so we can go in that direction.”

Laurèl’s feminine glamor in a contemporary direction in the last two seasons development, refinement designs and concentration on quality and exclusive fabrics. Jacquards relax jewel tones in this season and velvet kaleidoscope separators are easy to use and easy to maintain.

They are washable largely Schwaiger said and Brokat infused with spandex. The German premium brand plans to keep its price level, adding high-end pieces, but also stepped up their entry prices to reduce some basic concepts.