Philomena Zanetti Ready to Wear Fall 2017

Philomena Zanetti

PHILOMENA ZANETTI is a high-end women’s clothing brand . The meeting point between ethics and aesthetics.The fashion house offers sustainable luxury goods, beautiful and unique. The designs are carefully designed and manufactured for high-quality clothing. PHILOMENA ZANETTI is for these modern women who appreciate fashion in the future, feminine, beauty, exclusivity, quality, and sustainability. Each design expresses a linear elegance and purity, but lively and diligent with a minimalistic color palette, with only valuable and selected materials. The shapes and textiles underline the feeling of femininity and emphasize the attractiveness and grace of the wearer.

Philomena Zanetti brings elements of a sustainable lifestyle and high fashion quality in a unique combination. The designer has the gift to showcase the pieces in a unique way. The label created a very different atmosphere and offered the opportunity to see each design intensely. With the sounds of nature focused on the background of the models, the collection was presented under soft light. With just three suits to unite designs innovatively presented, but  they gained the recognition and attention they deserved.

The color palette includes shades of different colors and cuts such as cocoon silhouette. The concept of the collection with the presentation and all of the combinations was a brilliant strategy: the audience could understand the meaning “redefine the blues” and get some of the Irish unlimited fields – which was opposed to the monotony, urbanism.