Summer 2017 Style Guide

Summer Style Guide

Now that summer of 2017 is well and truly upon us, let us review this season’s hottest trends, which will take you from day to night, and from St Barths to St Tropez!

On colours and motifs

The world is a jungle; and this year more than ever, with tribal and ethnic prints taking centre stage in all major designers’ summer 2017 collections. As for utilitarian chic, it is making a big come back; and what better than khaki green to be on trend? Whether you favour a trench coat or khaki skirt, you will make others green with envy.

summer style guide

Is khaki not your thing? Then get on board with the other, sunniest colour of this summer: yellow. From bright yellow to mustard, designers are all showcasing yellow this season, in shades to suit every complexion. This colour is versatile, and can easily be paired with primary tones such as blue or black. How about a silk yellow shirt paired with cut-off denims?

And for those romantic types out there, you will be pleased to know that floral prints are also very in, and indeed a summer staple in any fashionista’s wardrobe; perfect for sipping cocktails on the beach.

Other big colours this season are millennial pink, which has been making headlines recently, for being a colour that is proving elusive to describe! Think flamingos and dusty pink, and you will not be too far off. As a primary colour, red is hot hot hot this year too; match your red sleeveless dress with a bold red lipstick and you will be sure to turn heads this summer.

In terms of prints, a new contender this summer is undoubtedly stripes, and colourful ones at that! Think long, linear statement stripes that will flatter your body shape, such as a bodycon jumpsuit or a beach dress.

On cuts and shapes

A big trend this year is sleeve slits, which are not only practical in hot weather, but look fabulous too. They provide an interesting visual element, as can be seen in silk blouses or structured smart jackets. Off-the-shoulder is the other massive trend this summer, which makes for a retro, 80s vibe, from airy beach tops to smart, structured dresses with a twist.

Culotte jumpsuits also make for a perfect summer outfit, as they are both breathable and playful. How about a white culotte jumpsuit matched with a layered military-style jacket for a chilly evening?

On accessories

This summer’s attention is unashamedly focused on the waistline, with corset belts seen in all major collections.  The corset gets a modern twist, with belts layered on top of dresses or shirts, delicately highlighting the waist.

“Khaki green, yellow, floral prints, pink and red are the basic colours of this year.”

Scarves get a nod too; in different prints and materials, these can both be worn draped around the neck or wrapped around the head, bandana-style.

And finally, let us end with a summer classic combo, which makes a great addition to any outfit: a straw hat, paired with some sunglasses. From cowboy hats to golden straw sun hats, everyone will be having a stylish summer!