Ellie Saab Couture Fall 2017

Ellie Saab Couture Fall 2017

True to form, the Lebanese designer sent out a pageant of dresses—enough for a whole season of galas, weddings, and other lavish occasions. Pageantry was not far from Saab’s mind; his show notes imagined a fictional world of “fallen kings, defeated by a fearless and heroic sisterhood . . . bright and brave warrior queens they were, are, and forever will be.

With one exception—an early look that combined trousers, jacket, and a train—Saab’s warrior queens wore floor-sweeping gowns, many accompanied by matching capes. These are not clothes for battle, unless it’s quarry of a romantic kind we’re talking about. There were regal velvets and silks, elaborately embroidered with gold thread, and softer, younger-seeming mousselines and tulles that offered glimpses of flesh underneath.


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