How to Manage Your Time As a Business Woman

Time Management

How to manage your time as a business woman

Being a female entrepreneur is one of the best things, but with so much to juggle, you can quickly run out of time. As technology and business changes rapidly, it’s hard to keep ahead. Good time  management is essential for making sure you’re spending your time on all of the important tasks in your career or business. We’ve got some tips to help you figure out the best ways to manage your time for your career and business.

Look at everything you need to do

Take a large piece of paper and write out all the things you need to do in for your business. This could admin, marketing and sales or planning for an event. The next step is to order everything according to the nearest deadline and order of importance. Put your not so important tasks at the bottom of the list, the ones that can be done later in the day in the week. Now you can tackle the most urgent and important tasks.

Try time blocking on your calendar

This is a easy technique which works well on an online calendar or a physical diary. Put aside up to 90 minutes to focus on a single task. Focus on this task until it is finish or you have made good progress. Don’t do more than two hours as the human brain can’t focus for that long. Remember to put in regular breaks and get away from the computer screen and phone to recharge.

Turn off notifications

Have you ever seen an email come into your inbox that you have to stop and read? This and social media are some of the best ways to get distracted and lose your work flow. Simply turn off your phone’s social media notifications and limit your time on social media during the day. It’s all too easy to while away half an hour on Facebook or Twitter. Mark in a few minutes a day you are allowed to check and respond to you emails.

Listen to the right kind of music

The right kind of music can help you get into the zone for work, so try and spend some time finding a playlist that helps you feel focused and energized. There are many great apps that play music to help keep you focused when you need to get things done.

“Good time management is essential for making sure you’re spending your time on all of the important tasks.”

Create a capsule wardrobe

Many business people make so many decisions, that picking out what to wear is just one task too many. As a woman it’s difficult to reduce what you wear, but a capsule wardrobe of fabulous, staple items that work in many combinations will save you a lot of time and effort putting together an outfit for the day. Dress it up with seasonal accessories and different shoes to keep feeling fresh.

Plan for the next day and set everything up

Many of the most successful people in business spend some time to plan ahead for the next day. This means they can start the day feeling clear headed and able to tackle their most important tasks. Planning for your morning can help reduce mental clutter and help you focus on your important tasks. This can include setting up your coffee machine and packing your bags for your day. This means you can leave the house quickly and efficiently and focus on achieving great things in your career.