How To Get Skin Ready For Summer

Summer is well and truly here, and so it’s time to ensure your skin is ready for the summer. Many women assume that they don’t need to  change their daily routine when the season changes but doing so can actually benefit skin in a huge way.

With summer comes sun damage, dry air, heat and a great deal of time spent outdoors and all of these factors can affect how your skin looks and feels; not to mention the long term damage that can be caused by not taking care of it properly. There are a number of different ways to get your skin ready for summer and here are some of the best.

skin ready for summerExfoliate Everywhere: Exfoliating gets rid of the dead skin and reveals softer, smoother and better looking skin. Therefore, there’s no reason not to give yourself an ‘all body’ exfoliation before heading out this summer. Exfoliating regularly also works well when it comes to removing sunscreen and natural oils, both of which can clog pores and cause irritations.

Remove Unwanted Hair: We’ve all had problems removing unwanted hair in the past and frequent shaving, combined with the heat, can cause unsightly skin irritations. Exfoliating beforehand, using sensitive products and moisturising afterwards can all improve how skin looks after shaving. Alternatively, consider hair removal creams or waxing.

Get a Pedicure: With summer comes cute summer sandals, which means the skin on your feet is on show. Taking the time to get a pedicure will ensure your feet are ready to be seen and are looking great.

Wear Sunscreen: It’s no secret that the sun can cause serious damage to skin in the form of sunburn, wrinkles and ageing. Wearing sunscreen daily is vital if you want to preserve the way your skin looks and to reduce the risk of painful burns. It is advisable to pay close attention to the face and bony areas such as shoulders.

Reduce The Appearance of Cellulite: Nobody wants to hit the beach with cellulite but it’s something most of us have to deal with and sadly, cellulite can rarely be avoided. Though it is part of aging and our bodies changing, there are ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite when on the beach. Getting rid of cellulite completely is pretty difficult, but there are a number of treatments designed to improve the way it looks; electronic stimulation and body detoxing are both techniques used.

There are so many different ways to get your skin ready for summer and doing so is as much about making it look great as it is about giving yourself that extra confidence boost. Having great, summer-ready skin will have you running to spend time outside.