5 Top Tips For Perfect Bronzed Makeup This Summer

Bronzed Makeup Summer 2017

5 Top Tips For Perfect Bronzed Makeup This Summer

Every makeup fan knows that with the different seasons comes different makeup looks; in the winter months many of us opt for dark, smoky eyes and in the spring it’s all about pastel colors and a light lip, so now it’s summertime it’s time for one of the most popular makeup looks – bronze!

Bronzed makeup is a popular choice in the summer months as it creates the ideal golden glow and makes skin appear as though it’s been sun kissed. However, knowing how to really rock the bronzed makeup look is something many women struggle with. Sure, there are You Tube tutorials to help you recreate a famous celebrity’s bronzed makeup look but many of us prefer to do it ourselves. Saying that, no one is above a few top tips! Here are our top five tips for perfect makeup this summer.

Pick the right color and shade for your skin tone

The key to creating a perfect bronzed makeup look is to make it looks natural and warm, whilst complimenting your other features. There are a range of different bronze shades available – some are golden, whereas others are more of an orange tone – and choosing the correct color and shade can make all the difference. One trick is to go one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone, as this will create a tanned look.

Bronzed MakeUp Look

Choose makeup with a good formula

When it comes to eyeshadow and blush, it’s definitely a case of finding a product that is heavily pigmented with a color that will show. However, when creating a bronzed makeup look you should choose a sheer shade with less pigmentation. This will help you to control how much bronze you are adding and the finished result is a lot more subtle.

Apply bronze makeup to the correct areas

Knowing where to apply bronze makeup can make all the difference tn the end result. Rather than adding it all over the face, focus on highlighting areas that will naturally catch the sun; under your cheekbones and across your forehead for example.

Blend all bronze makeup into the face well

Nothing is worse than seeing someone with an orange face and a pale neck, with a clear makeup line between the two. When creating a bronzed makeup look be sure to blend the makeup evenly throughout the face; this will help your makeup to look professional. Areas to watch out for are around the jawline and close to the ears.

Don’t forget to use highlighter

Many women assume that creating a bronzed makeup look is all about using dark golden tones, but this is not the case; it is just as important to counterbalance the darker tones with a highlighter. Highlighter is used to create a beautiful glow and to define specific areas.

As you can see, with the correct tips and tricks it is relatively easy to create a flawless bronzed makeup look that’ll grab attention this summer.