Alexa Chung Launches Her Very Own Clothing Line

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung Launches Her Very Own Clothing Line

We’ve been waiting since 2016 for Alexa Chung to launch her own clothing line – and the wait is finally over!

Alexa Chung started her fashion career when she was scouted at the age of 16. Her career hasn’t just stuck to the catwalk, she’s been busy writing, hosting shows and becoming well-known for own style. She’s appeared on many best dresses lists, so it’s no surprise some people stood up and took notice of her talent for fashion design. Her long awaited clothing line isn’t to disappoint.

What made her want to do it? Freedom of course! With her fashion know how and creative mind, Chung is perfectly suited to break the line on fashion. Chung wants freedom to design what she wants and hope others will see this in her clothing line.

Alexa ChungThe wait is over! Here it all is:

The model, writer, presenter, now designer has launched her brand as ‘Alexachung’ which features over 145 different different pieces. Chung holds the rare ability to adapt her style to the current year without losing her sense of self. The show took place in a gorgeous little church in London. The styles seen are in trend with the current fashion such as the spilt shoulders and a nod to the 90s. Chung at 33, will remember the not so fashionable aspects of the 90s, but she’s translated them perfectly into this new collection.

Our first thoughts on seeing the collection was that it was toned down but Alexa Chung’s style – we expected to see a few more bold or ‘Alexaesque’ pieces but these thoughts went away the more we saw. The collection is wearable, approachable and warm. The cropped tops and long demin skirts are innocent and refreshing, a fashion label can relax and have fun with.

Other pieces seen are loose, bold suits for women. The pinstripe orange suit will surely catch anyone’s attention at the boardroom!

A label with her beliefs

The beauty of creating and managing her own label is to ensure that her own beliefs are interwoven throughout. Chung likes to challenge and inspire – she likes to know things inside out. Her role in her label is hands on and her team is small but diverse and dripping with talent. The process from start to finish was intense and a new challenge Chung was ready, but not always so prepared for. Choosing designs, manufacturers and making hard decisions were all part of the building of the label and the first line of fashion, but we have to give it to Chung, she’s got the vision and the ability to make the fashion world stop and take notice.