MTV Movie Awards: The Hottest Red Carpet Trends

MTV Movie Awards: The Hottest Red Carpet Trends

This year’s MTV awards was a much a treat for film and television lovers as it was for red carpet fashion lovers. Now the excitement has ebbed a little, we’ve got out our fashion magnifying glass to really look at the hottest red carpet trends of the MTV Movie awards.

With so much to look at, we’ve decided to focus on two amazing categories for the MTV awards, Best Actor in a Show and Best Hero.

Queen of Dragons and Fashion

How could we not start with the gorgeous Emile Clarke? Not only does it she know how to command and lead an army of horseman across the Red Sea, she knows how to strut her stuff down the red carpet. Clarke turned up on the red carpet wearing an unusual midi dress with almost pop culture style print. The bold print works perfectly with the length and almost boxy cut of the dress with flatters Clark’s figure. The deep V-neck balances the wide straps without being too revealing.

No Virgin When It Comes to Fashion On The Red Carpet

What can we say about this outfit other than it’s just gorgeous? It’s a simple, fun, flirty outfit that;s just perfect for the red carpet. Gina Rodriguez shows off her fantastic curvy figure in a paradise inspired play suit. This fresh take on the playsuit which is perfect for formal occasions such as the redcarpet. Rodriguez sports a plunging neckline and short which offer demure but sexy look. She completes the look with oh so comfortable suede boots. Her hair and make up are effortless which woks perfectly with the lively tropical pattern.

We need to see more of Mandy Moore 

Mandy has had an explosive year on the big screen with the return of the hit show This is Us. Mandy is no stranger to the red carpet and she’s been seen wearing a huge variety of hairstyles and designers over the years. This year’s MTV awards was Mandy’s first, so she needed to make a statement and she did just this with wearing an outfit from Jason Wu’s 2017 Fall collection.

One Star Amongst Many

Rogue One was a great addition to the Star Wars franchise and sported many talented actors. Jones really took her acting career to the next level with such a huge title. Her television and film career spans most of her adult life, and where the gorgeous actress has appeared on the red carpet, her English taste and sensibilities abound. The category of Best Hero was sadly not to be, but there is always next year and more films.

No Hidden Figure with Taraji P. Henson’s Galatic Oufit

Taraji P. Henson was nominated for Best Hero for her part in Hidden Figures, and to play a little further on the pun, Henson certainly did not hide her lovely figure with her red carpet choice. The dress clung perfectly to every curve and showed off her best assets. The silver material was a step away from the other typical choice of black and bare it all styles shows by other stars.

Taraji P. Henson — Hidden Figures MTV Movie Awards
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