5 Style and Practical Handbag Styles For Festival Season

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5 Style and Practical Festival bags Styles For Festival Season

Festival season it just around the corner so that means you don’t have much time to put together this season’s hot looks, and find the perfect bag to see you through a busy season. You can try and put everything in your pockets, or even offload some stuff onto your festival buddies, but that just won’t do. We’ve come to the rescue with our top pick of festival bags in 2017. These bags are our usual mix of utter atheistic and practicality. Be warned, there are some gorgeous ones and you may find yourself wanting more than one bag for your festival activities this year…

festival bagsWhat Makes the Perfect Festival Bag in 2017?

The perfect festival bag is a rare, but beautiful unicorn like creature of the fashion world. It’s boho, it’s chic, it’s divine and a bit like a bottomless pit of storage. You need to be able to pose with it for all of your social media and something you can use again and again. It needs to be your go to for every festival occasion in 2017.

Trial of the Tote Bag

The typical tote bag is one of the most practical, and under appreciated bags out at the moment. Possibly seen as something you take for a shopping trip, we think the tote bag is one of the most affordable options for a festival bag in 2017. We think this stripy tote bag by Urban outfitters is bright, funky and is made of natural material that’s perfect for a festival bag.

Go Rainbow or Go Home

Festivals are bright, so you need to have bright accessories to stand out. Nothing’s more cheerful than a rainbow in our books (or book bags!), so try to get something that’s roomy but funky. Over the shoulder straps like this bag by Forever 21 mean you can store everything you need for a festival with ease!

Fringe It Baby!

We’ve taken our time getting to fringe, but of course we have to include it in our must have features for festival bags of 2017! Fringe and leather are the best materials for festvials, they’re boho, hip and fun, so we adore a cross body bag with lots of fringe! A bit like the rainbow, there’s no subtly with a fringe handbag – but it can still be roomy enough to carry all the bits you need for a festival to remember.

90’s Backpacks are Back

The day has come! We can now get out our favourite mini backpacks that were so fun and chic in the 90’s! If you don’t quite remember the 90’s, these little bags were portable, practical and so darn cute! These come in all sorts of shades and materials, denim is a great choice as it’s sturdy but also washable. You could dial up the chic look by adding some patches or even embroidery.

Mini Totes and Bags

Whilst we’ve been looking at some larger than life bags, we do think there’s a place for the smaller, sleek bags. These are wonderfully practical for holding your essential without weighing you down for the festival. This small multi-way tote bag by Adidas is funky, slight and just ideal for keeping your needed items close at hand.