5 Quirky Festival Trends We Can’t Wait To Try

Festival Trends 2017

5 Quirky Festival Trends We Can’t Wait To Try

Festival season is well and truly here, and it won’t be long until we’re donning our favourite festival outfits and heading out with friends to enjoy sunshine, music and everything the event has to offer. One of the main focuses of a festival is the fashion and trends it brings. Each and every year there are different quirky trends that we see being rocked at Coachella, and these tend to be seen throughout the festival circuit around the world.

2017’s Top Festival Trends

This year we have already seen a number of fun festival trends, many of which are as quirky as they are fantastic. Here are five of our favourite quirky festival trends that we can’t way to try.

Glitter Hair Roots – This is a trend that has been seen before and it’s back in 2017 for festival season. It’s a simple look to achieve, but looks fabulous. Adding glitter to the roots of your hair is a great way to make your entire look pop and will definitely set you apart from other festival-goers. Glitter hair roots looks great with any colour and is a fun hairstyle to try out. This is definitely a trend that is specific to festivals and it’s unlikely to be seen elsewhere, so don’t miss out!

Slogan Tees – Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll have noticed that slogan tees have made a big comeback this year. Whether you make your own, buy one from Forever 21 or head to eBay there are lots of places that are fully embracing the trend, and so should you! Slogan tees can send a serious message, can be flirty or even funny. They great for festivals as they allow you to express yourself in a relaxed environment. Team them with some cute denim shorts and you’ve got yourself an easy festival outfit.

Wellies – Wellies have become a synonymous with festivals and every year they reappear as being one of the most popular festival trends. Though wellies are usually reserved for farming or wet, wintery days they are a staple part of festival fashion. A festival is the only place you’ll find wellies teamed with cute dresses, flowy skirts and glitter!

Boiler Suits – An unlikely festival trend but one that has become popular nonetheless. Boiler suits are a little of out the ordinary for a festival – after all a festival is usually a place for people to show off their favourite outfit or for them to rock a quirky dress – but they’re a popular choice for 2017 festival-goers. Boiler suits are comfortable, work well in any weather, come in a variety of colours and save the hassle of choosing an entire outfit so we can definitely see the appeal.

Sparkly Mini Dresses – Most people wouldn’t describe a sparkly mini dress as being a great choice for a festival, but it’s one of the trends we cannot wait to try. As of late there has been a large focus on glitter, sequins and mermaid-esque clothing and the sparkly mini dress fits in perfectly. It’s the ideal trend if you want to stand out, look your best and grab attention at whichever festival you decide to attend.