Paris Fashion Week 2017 Ready to Wear

Paris Fashion Week Week 2017 Ready to Wear

We recently covered Paris Fashion Week 2017 and detailed some of our favourite looks. We decided that we wanted to really go into some more depth on the different collections and pick out a few more favourites. Just in case you missed it, Paris Fashion Week 2017 took place from 28th Feb to 8th March in Paris (the fashion capital of course!).  Paris Fashion Week is one of the key dates or all fashion lovers, it sets the trends for the year ahead and gives you an idea of what to expect from the top designers down to the high street stores. In order for you to explore the trends of Paris Fashion Week 2017, we’ll go into detail on some gorgeous women’s collections including out tips for styling them!

Paris Fashion Week 2017 Ready to WearBalenciaga 2017 Fall Ready-to-Wear

This collection refuses to go gently into winter! The range has stunning prints that give you a refreshing burst of colour. The designer pairs pretty shift dresses with equally bright tights and cute court style shoes. The collection becomes ever bolder with billowing dresses in rich layers and over-sized bows. We really like the fresh take on the chiffon long tops, they flow but are structured and come in an appealing range of patterns, colours and textures. Anyone will look the epitome of relaxed city chic with a slouchy jumper, bright tights and sensible court shoes from this stunning fall collection. The colours vary from floral to bold tones, but we rarely see anything too earthy. The whole collection and outfits are well themed and put together, but the stand items are the coordinated bags. This collection states you should base your outfit around your, not the other way. The large bags are divine! Just imagine how much of your life you could fit into one and still look fabulous?

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Acne Studios 2017 Fall Ready-to-Wear

If you love the 1970s, you’ll fall in love instantly with this collection. The ready to wear collection we can easily imagine on the streets already, it’s such a shame we have a few more months to wait. Acne Studios have taken a fresh look on the spirit of the 1970s with mustard and earthy tones and the that sense of handmade, hand me downs. The garments are layered and flowing, rarely looking bulky but spilling out from collars and cuffs. The odd plain sweater is brought to life with startling addition of fringe and lace. We were surprised and amazed to see full fitted leather suits with high necks that would be eye catching in fall (and no doubt very warm and cosy!) This whole collection is flowing, free spirited with little structure needed on their many flowing floor length tunic tops and dresses.

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Nobi Talai Ready To Wear  Fall 2017

Nobi Talai stay within the typical colour palette of fall with plums, earthy tones, but what we really love is how they have contrasted with stark white and blues. The designs have a sense of movement like a blustery fall wind, but unlike the Acne collection, the pieces are cinches at the waist or trousers taper to a smart, tight hem. There is a fresh approach to structured shoulders on jumpsuits that offer a futuristic, but still today look. We’re looking forward to seeing the flared shoulder tops on the street and see how people will style them.

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