Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2018

fashion trends spring summer 2018

Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2018

One of the best ways to find out what the upcoming fashion trends are set to be is to take a look at what has been seen on catwalks, runways and Fashion Weeks around the world. Though every designer is different and each Fashion Week will naturally have different styles that are explored, there are always a few trends that are seen across the board.

It are these fashion trends that we can expect to see throughout spring/summer 2018 collections, everywhere from designer brands to high street stores. So, whether you’re a budding fashionista or simply like to keep up with what’s on trend and what isn’t, taking a look at the trends for spring/summer 2018 is a great place to start. Not only will you know what to expect, but you’ll be able to stay ahead of the rest when it comes to finding stylish items to own.

fashion trends spring summer 2018What Are The Key Fashion Trends of Spring Summer 2018?

There are four main fashion trends that are going to be popular throughout spring/summer 2018 collections. All of which can be worn in a number of different ways – they can be casual or dressed up – making them truly universal trends suitable for all occasions.

fashion trends spring summer 2018
Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2018

Ruffles: Ruffles are a fashion trend that has been seen a lot in recent years, and it’s set to remain a firm part of the fashion world throughout 2017 and 2018. Previously, ruffles have been reserved for quaint blouses and pretty skirts but many spring/summer 2018 collections have broadened the way in which ruffles are worn. We are now seeing them on jumpers, on long sleeves, down the entire lengths of dresses and even on very chic items. Ruffles are no longer a feminine detail.

Fringe: Whether fringing makes you think of Pocahontas-inspired items or a throwback style, they are back and bigger than ever for spring/summer 2018. A number of fashion designers have brought this trend back by using fringe as a way to add another dimension and texture to their clothing. From long fringing on maxi skirts to short and cropped fringing on bags and shoes, it is a trend that is going to be seen a lot throughout the season.

Deconstructed Blouse: The deconstructed blouse is a great fashion trend for the spring and summer months, and it really puts a light and flowy spin on a clothing item that is usually rather restrictive and stiff. Deconstructed blouses are those that have large cut outs at the back, uneven hemlines, off the shoulder fits, cold shoulders and anything else breaks away from the design of the standard blouse or shirt.

Embroidery: Embroidery is a fashion trend that comes and goes every few years, and many people see it as an out of date and old style. However, in spring/summer 2018 things are changing. Embroidery has slowly been making a comeback and lately we have seen floral embroidery on everything from dresses to jeans, and intricate embroidered designs have already been cropping up on jackets and necklines. This is a trend that will really come into its own in 2018 and there’s no limit as to what can be embroidered; shoes, boots and even bags.

So, there you have it. The four fashion trends for spring/summer 2018 to look out for. Whether you’re looking for a more casual workplace look, want some more detailing on your accessories or simply just want to liven things up with some ruffles or fringing there is sure to be a trend you’ll love.


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