Our Top 5 Favourite Handbag Collection For This Summer

Our Top 5 Favourite Handbag Collection For This Summer

Summer is fast approaching and it won’t be long until we see the latest handbags being rocked by our favourite fashionistas. Choosing a new handbag for summer can be a struggle, what with so many different colours, sizes and styles available it can be difficult to know where to begin. Not to mention all the different handbag collections – it can be hard to narrow down the options! We have refined our handbag loves into our top 5 favourite handbag collections for the summer. Check them out!

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Summer Handbag Collections from Our Favourite Designers

Gucci Spring/Summer 2017 Runway Bag Collection

The Gucci summer collection this year is entitled ‘Magic Lanterns’ and it certainly lives up to its name. Every bag in this collection has a creative and attention-grabbing design, but with an air of magic. With a variety of different slogans, prints and 3D details these Gucci bags have been created as statement pieces and they are sure to stand out throughout the spring/summer seasons.

Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2017 Bag Collection

The Balenciaga 2017 collection is comprised of a mixture of old classics and new designs. The collection itself features a great deal of the standard oversized bags we have come to associate with Balenciaga, but also a number of floral patterned pieces. There is really something for everyone in this summer handbag collection.

Fendi Spring/Summer 2017 Bag Collection

When we think of Fendi, we think of gorgeous, outlandish designs and that is exactly what we have. The spring/summer 2017 Fendi collection is bursting with pastel colours, pom poms, florals and bows and the bags are cute, fun and have a princess vibe to them. These Fendi summer bags are ideal for those who like feminine, girly bags with a whimsical edge.

Bottega Veneta 50th Anniversary Bag Collection

The Bottega Veneta spring/summer 2017 collection marks the company’s 50th anniversary. The collection itself is comprised of the classic Bottega Veneta styles we know and love, such as beautiful clutch bags and the medium tote, as well as new styles. Bottega Veneta has really honed in on the importance of designing bags that can be used on and off the runway and though some of the designs may be simple, the subtlety makes them extremely versatile.

Dolce&Gabbana Handbag Collection Spring/Summer 2017

When it comes to fun and exciting bags, the Dolce & Gabbana collection is where it’s at. These exquisite bags are designed with an Italian holiday in mind and they create the perfect summer feel. The bags are adorned with parrots, fish, shells, ice creams and a number of other quintessential holiday items.