What Spring Essentials Should You Have In Your Makeup Bag?

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What Spring Essentials Should You Have In Your Makeup Bag

Every woman’s makeup bag is different which is to be expected, after all every woman has different preferences in terms of lipstick colour, eyeshadow shade and their overall makeup look. Not to mention there are a lot of different skin tones and colours which has an effect on the shade of face makeup. However, there are makeup products that should be a staple part of everyone’s makeup bag. From having the perfect blush to a great everyday eyeshadow palette, these are the products that are a necessary part of every makeup bag.

makeup bag
Makeup Bag Spring Essentials

Searching for the Perfect Makeup Products

It can be difficult to find the ideal makeup products, especially when you want to create the perfect look but have no idea where to start. Here’s some information on what to look for in each product and why each item is a necessity for your makeup bag.

Mascara: Mascara is vital to ensuring your lashes look their best; not only does mascara lengthen and create volume, but it also separates each lash for a more flared look. There are different types of mascara – some focus on a dramatic eye look whereas others are more subtle – so choose one that suits your day to day requirements and style.

Blush: Blush is used to add a hint of colour to your cheeks. Not only does it bring a bit of light into your face, but it also helps to add definition. Popular blush colours are pinks and oranges, and the best one for you will complement your skin tone in a subtle and understated way.

Natural Eyeshadow Palette: Eyeshadow not only brings a bit of colour to your makeup look, but it also helps to brighten and define the eye region. Though bright colours are great for an evening look, have a natural eyeshadow palette in your bag for day to day wear. Plus, by simply adding one of the darker colours you can take your look from day to night.

Lipstick: What makeup bag is complete without a little bit of lipstick? Adding a neutral, nude or light pink shade to any look is sure to add a pop of colour.

Sun Protection: When you wear makeup it is important to consider sun protection, especially in the summer months when the UV rays are at their strongest. Though many foundations, BB creams and concealers have SPF protection, it is always a good idea to prime your face with a sun protecting base.

Cleanser: To reduce the risk of spots and breakouts, and to allow for a flawless application, it is important to cleanse your face before applying makeup. Cleansers come in all different forms including gels, creams and water.

Highlighters: In recent years there has been a focus on contouring and creating definition on your face. Highlighter works great for this and when applied to the areas where the sun would naturally hit, it slims down the appearance of the face and highlights the areas you want to draw attention to.

Face Powder: Face powder is used to set makeup in place and to create a matte finish. Powder comes in loose form as well as pressed, either of which is great for any makeup bag.

Lip Balm: Lips can chap and become dry at a moment’s notice, so always carry lip balm in your makeup bag to soothe them.

Hand Lotion: Much like lips, hands can also become dry and so hand lotion should be a staple part of any makeup collection. Apply after hand washing or when your hands become cold to prevent dry and cracked skin.

Fragrance Spray: We all like to smell nice and throughout the day our perfume or body spray can wear off. Fragrance spray is great for spritzing on your body when you feel like you need to freshen up.