Our Favourite Looks From Paris Fashion Week 2017

Paris Fashion Week 2017

Paris Fashion Week 2017

Spring is in the air and so is the fashion! We’ve been keeping an eye on all of the top fashion shows to bring you our take on the latest fashions and the fashions for the year ahead. This week we’ve been drooling over some of the best and most stunning designs seen at Paris Fashion Week 2017. We’re happy to bring you our favourite looks from Paris Fashion Week (and it’s been very hard trying to bring the list down to just a few!)

Paris Fashion Week 2017


Wartime Fashion Makes a Come Back

Wool and fleece has fallen a little out of favour recently for other materials that have better flexibility and use. The material saw a revival with Agnès B’s wartime inspried collection. The looks focused on long flowing lines that encourage you to look from shoulder to hip, from hip to ankle. One of our top favourite looks was a pair of smart, tailored but flared trousers paired with a cropped fit sweater in a soft dark mustard. The sweater looks cosy and warm with its gentle halo. Paired with a cute floral blouse, this look is ideal for the office or a casual outing to a beautiful country estate.

Va Va Voom Velvet

It seems that texture is a big theme from Paris Fashion Week 2017. The collection by Paul & Joe has some subtle and not so subtle pieces that were getting a lot of attention. The styles gave a node all the way from the 70’s to 90’s. Sometimes in fashion, you simply have to opt for what you love, and we just fell in love with a velvet suit. It looks rich, soft and oh so temptingly easy to wear. The lapels remained in current fashion and were a contrasting black to the rich ruby colour, however this look will be amazing with heels, ruffled hair and your favourite black clutch.

Light Speed Into the Future for Chanel

We had to talk about this collection by Chanel. Watching this collection made us want to jet set off to the moon (and looking fabulous in this collection of course!) The styles were ever to slightly exaggerated versions of clothing we’d see today, but with metallic fabrics and lots of silver. When the future is bright, the fashion will be even brighter (and reflective!). The harsh silver colours and fabrics were well balanced with a selection of softer materials like wool and tartan. We think Chanel has nailed their ready to wear line, especially with our favourite silver trench style coat with puffed sleeves in cream. We can totally see this coat being our go to for winter 2017.

We hope you’ve been inspired by Paris Fashion Week and our favourite looks!