Beauty:How To Create An Oscar Worthy Look

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Beauty : How To Create An Oscar Worthy Look

Winning an Oscar reward is regarded as one of the great privileges one could ever get. Women across the globe wish to gain the fame of winning the Oscar award. The winners of Oscar awards 2017 in the categories of Costume Design, Actress in Supporting Role, and Actress in Leading Role followed certain routine habits which gave them great fame. The winner in the category of Costume Design was Colleen Atwood for ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them’, while Viola Davis won the award for Actress in a Supporting Role and Emma Stone won the award for Actress in a Leading Role.

Women often wonder how the celebrities in the Oscar awards are able to achieve flawless beauty look. This look is not a magic and is practically possible. Following are some of the ways and habits to adopt and look Oscar worthy always. The winners and various other Celebrities in the Oscar Award Ceremony follow these habits.

style guide

Firstly, you should make sure to have a healthy diet. It is often said that an individual is what he or she eats. To make your outer appearance look glamorous and beautiful you need to be beautiful from inside. For this cleanse or detox your body to keep it healthy and glow from inside out. At the same time keep yourself away from the unhealthy diet including salty foods, carbonated drinks, and starchy carbs. Also, keep your regular workout habits. This will also help you in maintaining the perfect body shape and size as required.

Secondly, if you want to maintain a healthy and radiant skin you need to follow consistent skin care routine. If you wish to try some new products or treatments make sure to try them, at last, a couple of weeks before the big day. This will prevent you from bad reactions or breakouts if any. As per daily routine you should drink salty foods, carbonated drinks and starchy carbs to keep it well hydrated. Hydrating your skin is of significant importance in all aspects. It will also keep your skin moisturized and plum to have the perfect look.

Moreover, for flawless skin women need to choose a great primer in addition to a good foundation as essential makeup components. According to your own skin type choose the most suitable primer for yourself. For those who have oily skin, choose a primer which keeps your skin matte while those with dry skin need a light infusing primer. In addition to this, to make your skin look more amazing, use a full-coverage foundation. A brightening concealer under your eyes will cover up dark circles so you look awake and refreshed. For the final touch use a translucent finishing powder so that your makeup and foundation stays in its place.

Another important thing to ensure glamorous Oscar worthy look is to define your eyebrows. This is because it helps frame your face and highlight your eyes. Your eyebrows should be in good shape to get noticed with the rest of your beautiful features.