Designers To Watch Out For Next Fall From London Fashion Week

Designers To Watch Out For Next Fall From London Fashion Week

London Fashion week is one of the biggest events for the fashion world. It not only gives us a flavour of the style to be hitting this year, it shows which fashion houses and designers to keep an eye out for. There’s so much going on and so much showcased that we’ve put together the top trendiest designers and styles to keep an eye for in fall 2017.

London Fashion Week

What was the general verdict?

With fashion in the key capitals being a little topsy turvey at the moment, it’s understandable that there is a mixed opinion about the expected fashions for 2017. This year promised to continue being a year of change and challenges, so it’s understandable that there is a sense of protest and rebellion in fashion at the moment. This is especially reflected in the sharper cuts and use of hard fabrics and textures. The other theme coming through is a sense of the fantastical and escapism, which is a understandable reaction for many designers. Fashion is after a chance to change one’s appearance and reality.

Our Top 3 Designers from London Fashion Week 2017

With so much to cover from London Fashion Week we’re looking at who we think are the top 3 designers with the most influence over fall trends 2017.


Burberry has gone for a mix of traditional styles and almost dystonia edge with their collection. A refreshing way of wearing the traditional sweater with a mixture of textures and direction of fabric. The collection features somber, earthy colours and some complicated prints to break up the monochrome feel. We love the cut of the trousers with an almost noir feel, being high at the waist with wide straight legs. Best of all are the oversize coats with large lapels, we can really see these out and about in town with chunky boots and a skinny scarf.


At a first glance the Daks fall collection seems to carry the same theme and tones as Burberry. A few moments looking however quickly shows the Daks collection is firmly standing on its own two feet. The collection takes a light feel with the use of pretty lace and sheer blouses. There is a brave and unusual use of pinstripe and gray tartan fabrics with ruffles and over sized, flowing skirts. The shades of dark blue and grey are the overarching colours of choice. The off splash of soft floral patterns and light pastel shades break up the collection and bring a feminine air. The collection embodies the strength, but subtle sensuality for women in the modern day.


We always save the best for last, and this is certainly one of the best for fall 2017. The collection makes a bold statement with the amazing construction of its key items. Featuring large, scroll like folds on skirts, these pieces are statements that will make heads turn. The long lines and constructed feel of the garments have future of tomorrow feel. We love the use of prints for the dresses and tops that add a sense of flashy fun.

However you want to dress for fall 2017, make sure you take inspiration from these three single amazing collections!