Our Favourite Makeup Trends From The Critics Choice Movie Awards

Our Favourite Makeup Trends From The Critics Choice Movie Awards

The award shows and other such shows set a new trend for fashion industry. In this article, we would share the makeup trends from the Critics Choice Movie Awards; most of the make-up rends were almost the same as of the fashion trends that were predicted for the year 2017. Check out the details of the make up trends below:

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Lip Gloss

The last year was all about the matte lipstick but in this year we have seen the trend of using lip gloss again. The ladies have once again started using lip gloss to make their lips shine and glow.

Skin That Breathes

The most important makeup trend to discuss is that models have once again trying to achieve healthy and glowing skin. There were the times when ladies prefer to do cover their face with a lot of make up but after this award show we have seen that ladies re preferring the skin that breathes.

Dimensional Lips

Bold statement lips are taken into new level by creating new dimensions. The new dimensions are made from simple ombre effects to overlay of glitters. This gives them completely a new look to their face.

Straight, Boyish Brows

With regards to your foreheads, it’s out with the overdone. Making your eye brows straight and boyish is trending; it is highly recommended for you to give tweezers, pencil and powders a rest and try tinted gel to keep your eyebrows straight.

Black Liner, Interrupted

Taking a hint from 3.1 Phillip Lim, Rag and Bone, and Chloé, Martin is enthusiastic about blemished dark liner for 2017. Either debased on the base lash line or lined just in the focuses of the eyes, dark liner goes up against another look being somewhat unfinished.

Pretty in Pink

Pink is now considered as a new neutral color; pink color adds a new and fresh look to bare face. It is neither too much bright nor too low; pink is really a beautiful color and it is expected that this trend will last long.

Vinyl-Like Liner

On the off chance that you at long last nailed your fluid eyeliner aptitudes a year ago, you’re in good fortune: Liquid liner is still in, Park says—simply search for a recipe with a sparkling completion.  The vinyl-like sparkle shines a different light on fluid liner.

Heavy Metal

Metallic covers give a comparative pop impact as a year ago’s gleaming tops pattern, however with more utilitarian wearability. It is expected that the use of heavy metal will remain trending for the current season due to its attractiveness.

Burgundy Mascara

In the event that you thought red tones had no place close to your eyes, reconsider. To shield it from making you look tired, settle on a dull recipe that demonstrates its actual shade just when it gets the light.

We hope that this article had given you enough information about the latest makeup trends that are very in after the critics’ choice movie awards.


Allison Williams-Golden Globes 2017-makeup trends
Allison Williams-Golden Globes 2017


Janelle Monaé-Golden Globes 2017-makeup trends
Janelle Monaé-Golden Globes 2017


Bella Thorne-Golden Globes 2017-makeup trends
Bella Thorne-Golden Globes 2017