Jeans are Spring-Outfit Game Changers

Jeans are Spring-Outfit Game Changers

We saw how jeans trend during the fashion street week style. The arrival of spring, (also referred to as prime denim weather), makes us even happier.  We were the first to tell you about these amazing Vetements jeans earlier this month. They are the most-sought after clothing this season. Are you thinking of rocking these jeans? There is more than enough to go around.Though, the listed styles below can go nicely with bold sweaters or statement tops, they would even appear better with a simple blouse or T-skirt. We just can’t get enough of these amazing jeans.

Raw Hem:
Though this denim style appears simple, it is making waves around the fashion world. They come in different sizes and shapes­­­—wide leg, skinny and so on—, however, the angle crop shape is the most stylish. Why not do it yourself by taking a pair of scissors to cut off the hem of your jeans.

This is a step further in the raw hem fashion style. The fringe offers a totally different but amazing look. The shorter version of these jeans is a good choice, this allows the fringe fall down freely towards your ankle. You can click here to learn how you can hem them.

Two Jeans in One:
The French design house, Vetements, brought this piece to the spotlight, and now everyone is going crazy over it. These stylish jeans appear to have been made from two different pairs These jeans is made to offer a different feel with an irregular hem, back and front seams, and charming butt details. Don’t hesitate to rock this Vetements piece.

How would you like to look classic and charming at the same time? The patchwork is the perfect choice. Just like the raw-hem fashion style, the patchwork’s simplicity makes the boldest statements.

Colorful Trim:
These jeans are perfect for this spring and are made to be more eye-catching by designing it with colorful trim. Regardless of whether you opt for a piping or a simple ribbon, or a pom-pom style or fringe, this denim will always go perfectly with a classic white T-shirt.