Trend Alerts How To Stick To Your New Style in 2017

Trend Alerts /How To Stick To Your New Style in 2017

We’re not far into 2017 but we know this year promises to be amazing for fashion. Going into a new fashion year you can feel enthusiast about wanting to try every new style, but don’t lose sense of your unique fashion style. We talk about some of the top fashion styles that you should add to your wardrobe in 2017, and how to keep this style for 2017.

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Gorgeous Lemon Yellow
Yellow reminds you the summer, it’s hard not to smile when you put on a bright colour winter. All of the big fashion houses were seen to be sporting some hue of yellow on the runways. There are many ways to wear yellow as part of your new style in 2017, from coats to scarves and handbags. The important thing with keeping yellow in your new style is to make sure it’s matched with the other colours of your outfit.

Going Bold With Geometric
Geometric patterns are hot for 2017! Whilst stripes and florals are still popular this year, we think the geometric prints seen on the runway are amazing and everyone should make these part of their new style. You can go for all over geometric in jumpsuits or have a single stand out piece like tops, skirts or jackets.

Sweet Blush
The latest trends show that blush will be big for early spring fashion. Blush is a flattering colour on all skin tones and will certainly make you feel feminine and pretty for spring. The styles seen on the runway were varied and gorgeous, especially in materials like satin. Blush would make a perfect addition to your current wardrobe in the form of pretty tops, dresses or two piece outfits.

Play it Cool with Faux Fur
There will always be a place in the heart of every fashion lover for the fur stole. Thankfully faux fur means there’s no cruelty involved and you can have every kind of pattern or print available. Faux fur stoles not only keep you warm, but they can be worn in a huge variety of ways. We recently saw models wearing stoles across their bodies and draped around their necks. You could even pin one to the collar of your favourite coat for a chic, winter to spring look.

Pajama Stripes

The classic blue and white pajama strip are back in! Seen in a range of fabric from silk to cotton, this new trend is safe to wear outside of the bedroom. We saw some unique clothing combinations that ranged from slouchy and relaxed tops and trousers to fitted tops and skirts that wouldn’t look amiss at an elegant lunch. One firm favourite was the over-sized shirt that would be perfect for going out shopping paired with leggings and slip on shoes.

How to Keep to Your New Style

Taking on a new style is exciting but with so many new trends appearing in 2017 you should try to look at each style and figure out how you can best wear it. If you’re a lover of florals and patterns then putting the geometric with it could clash. You could slowly incorporate your new style into your everyday look in subtle ways by using accessories. As you gain confidence in what looks good, you can begin to invest in more statement pieces of clothing like dresses and play suits.

Keeping to your new style involves some planning but it is something you can easily achieve.