The Hot Geek Chic Trend for 2017

Geek Chic Trend

The days of seeing geek chic as bad style are long gone. Geek chic is a hot trend that everyone should be wearing in 2017. No awkward stances or badly fitting clothes here, we’re in love with cute and quirky prints to sexy glasses. There are many ways you wear geek chic, so where do you start? Read on for our tips and ideas on wearing the latest in Geek Chic Trends.

geek chic trend

Layer it up- Quirky Style

We all know that layering up is a key way to build a wardrobe. Whilst normally you never layer up on horizontal and vertical stripes, geek chic needs to be quirky and eye catching. The key to making it not look like you’ve picked your outfit in the dark is to carefully layer your stripes is to pick a base colour. By doing this you create a funky, but coordinated look that’s chic and geek.

Button Up Skirts Are Back

The button up skirt is back and it’s here to stay as part of the geek chic trend. We love this style because it’s great for a casual day in the office to an evening at a relaxed bar. This skirt looks its cutest with opaque tights (in contrasting colours if you’re feeling brave) and knit jersey tops. Go for a solid colour skirt and play around with textures and colours in the rest of your outfit.

Go Subtle Geek Chic for Work

The geek chic look can easily become your favourite fashion look. If you’re unsure about embracing the full look for work or formal occasions, you can rock the geek chic look with subtle prints.

Back to School

A lot of geek chic is based on old fashioned school styles, so use this as your inspiration for geek chic outfits. One of our favourites (and so easy to wear!) is a funky print skater dress paired with a white blouse. The style and cut of the dress could be bright and geometric, or you can opt for a denim skater dress. Layer this up with a soft blouse and chunky brown boots for the ultimate geek chic look.

Funnel Necks 

Funnel neck tops are a staple of classic fashion, but you should be looking at fun and stand out funnel neck tops to be in with eh geek chic trend. From cropped to short or long sleeved, these tops can be worn in many combinations. Some great ways are to wear funnel neck include dungarees, corduroy trousers or play suits.

Make Sure Your Footwear is Geek Chic

When creating new looks that are geek chic you should consider your footwear. The safest option is to keep it in theme, so ideally brogues, flat loafers and Chelsea style boots are essential items.

Geek Chic Hair and Makeup

Makeup for your geek chic look doesn’t need to vary from your normal make up- bold eye brows and bright lipstick are cute and subtle ways to wear the geek look. For a more soft, feminine look then pink blusher is the ideal look. A bit of contouring can help define your features but avoid too much, the geek chic look need is a fun and natural look.