Christian Dior: The Art of Color

Christian Dior: The Art of Color

When you hear the name “Dior”, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t usually books. Luxury clothing, handbags, make up, perfume even. But not books. Well, that’s all about to change. Dior’s new offering to the world is a stunning book “Dior: The Art of Color”. A must-buy for any fashion, art, or make-up student, or indeed, anyone interested in the subjects—this unusual book offers readers a spectacular voyage through Dior’s relationship and history with colour.

Dior: The Art of Color

In the world of fashion, Dior has always been at the forefront of colour. Christian Dior was inspired early by the colour and composition of Monet and impressionist paintings, opened an art gallery at 23, and 25 years later created Dior’s signature Rouge Dior lipstick. From there, the brand introduced a veritable kaleidoscope of lipstick colours, with Dior believing that the “new look” in women’s fashion was colour. Since then, Dior has been synonymous with colour.

To create the book, Dior invited renowned make-up experts to showcase each colour. “Dior: The Art of Color” offers a fascinating insight from authors Richard Burbridge, the renowned photographer who has depicted Tom Ford, Cartier, and Chanel; Art Director Marc Ascoli who created the image brand for Chloé, Jil Sander, and countless others; and Jerry Stafford—a writer and creative director at Premiere Heure, Paris-based advertising and film production company. It also features the work of incredible photographers Irving Penn and Guy Bourdin, in photographs that have never before been released to the public.

Focusing on colour through the lens of fashion and art, twelve chapters form a rainbow of sorts: White, Silver, Nude, Pink, Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Gold, Gray, and Black. Each chapter explores a colour through photography and art. It also explores iconic advertising campaigns, creative processes, the aesthetics of colour, stand-out Dior shades, and even natural cosmetics.

From paintings to photographs, sketches to adverts, sculptures to literature, it takes the reader through Dior’s evolution in terms of colour, through a timeline of successive creative directors and heads of make-up: Serge Lutens, Tyen, and present day Peter Philips. In the words of Philips, “Color has extraordinary power to communicate. With color you can express things that you could not put into words. I think color embodies emotions”. This concept is displayed in abundance throughout.

Reviews have highly praised the book’s “intuitive approach to color” (V Magazine), while others have suggested that the book provides inspiration not just “to rethink your approach, not only to getting dressed but also to dressing your home” ( As stated by the New York Journal of books, “If you love photography, makeup, Dior, fashion, or color, then this book is a must and sets a high bar for the genre as well as competing brands.”


This book deserves its place on the tables and book shelves of art, make-up, and fashion lovers, as well as big business who’d like to learn a thing or two. A true homage to colour.

In beautiful hard back, published by Rizzoli, New York, the book retails at $115.