Top 5 Beauty Trends We Will Be Happy To Leave in 2016

Beauty Trends We Will Be Happy To Leave in 2016

2016  has been an amazing and eventful year for fashion and the world. Whilst 2016 has brought us all some great beauty staples such as ombre lips and bold eyebrows, there are some fashion trends that need to stay in 2016. We look at some of the beauty trends that we are happy to leave in 2016.

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Impractical Nails

Nail art is a great for expressing your mood and in 2016 we’ve seen some stunning nail art. However there are some nail art trends that need to quietly stay in 2016 and be forgotten. Yes, we’re talking about the short trend for totally impractical nail art such as furry and pom pom nails. Not only did they look horrible, this beauty trend made it impossible to anything from getting dressed to doing your make up.

Glitter- everywhere!

Glitter is great, glitter is a staple for the festive period and futuristic look, but it needs to be used with some restraint. 2016 saw some models wearing too much glitter not just on their eyes, but their whole faces, hair, and even their ears. Just keep it to a little bit of glitter eyeliner or eyeshadow, and we’ll let it join us in 2017.

Bleached Eyebrows

Now we can understand where this beauty trend came from. Some people have taken the bold eyebrow a bit too far in 2016, so bleached eyebrows are a way to counter this trend. Eyebrows are essential for framing your face so highlighting them until you can’t see them doesn’t make sense. Let’s keep this strange beauty trend in 2016, okay?

Glossy Makeup

Glossy lips look gorgeous and suit all occasions but 2016 decided to take it a step further and go for glossy make up. This look involves applying glossy eyeshadow, bronzer, highlighter. We can’t think of a time when this new trend doesn’t just look like you’ve applied a bit too much lip balm all over your face…

Face Jewellery

Face jewellery, you heard us right. Spotted at Paris Fashion week, Givenchy opted to deck their models out in pearls and precious stones. If you’re wearing precious diamonds on your face you have to hope that you’re using very strong make up glue.

Clumpy Eyelashes

Overdoing it with the mascara was actually a short lived trend in 2016, one that we’ll be glad to leave behind. This trend required thick layers of mascara to build up and make the lashes stick together. We saw some variations but the most popular were  shaping the eyelashes into a distinct, spidery look. Ew.

Letting Loose with the Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner is a gorgeous look that flatters everyone, but this year we saw the catwalk take eyeliner to the next level. Some of the trends played with the idea of abstract lines, but frankly it looked like anyone had tried their hand at doing eyeliner. Certainly a trend we can’t see lasting into 2017.

1980’s Curls

Curly hair is divine. It does require a bit more care but you don’t need to wash it everyday (more lie ins!). Curly hair has been a statement this year, but it’s looks more like the 1980’s curly styles which no one needs to remember.