Our Favourite Fashion Styles From 2016

Our Favourite Fashion Styles From 2016

2016 is almost over, and what an amazing year it has been for fashion! We’ve looked at all of the latest trends and a few throwback trends like boyfriend jeans and other classic styles. Each year has style highlights and lowlights, so we’ve put together a list of our favourite fashion styles from 2016.

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Going for a 70’s vibe

We’re never surprised to see some influence from previous decades like the 60s and 70s. We love it when fashion designer use old ideas and turn them into something fresh and right on trend. One of our favorite examples of this was amazing outfit of structured flared trousers paired with a stunning off the shoulder gypsy top. The two textures contrast perfectly, creating a fun and summery look that is ideal for late spring and early summer. This look would suit many occasions from coffee with the girls to a relaxed night out in chic wine bars.

Go Maxi

Maxi skirts have made a regular appearance in recent years and they are wardrobe staples. One recent spot at Paris Fashion Week 2016 was this stunning maxi skirt with embroidery and sheer panels. This skirt by Valentino is worn a professional yet relaxed way with black heels and long sleeved black top. We adore the decorated high waistband which draws the eye to the figure of the wearer. It has a wonderfully tribal feel which contrasts with the sleek feel of the accessories and top.

Leather Corset

A white shirt dress is a classic that looks great for the office or a lazy day at the beach. One of our favourite fashion styles from 2016 has been this leather corset worn during Milano Spring 2016 fashion month. This piece by Diego Zuko makes this simple white dress look tailored and fitted to the model’s figure. It helps to draw in the waist whilst breaking up the length of the white shirt dress. Paired with over sized sunglasses and a simple black handbag, this look is professional yet playful.

Power Dressing 2016 Style

Everyone knows about power dressing in the 1980s, the shoulder pads and the impressive suits worn by executive women. This pink suit looks amazing with its straight, yet flowing lines and bold, over sized pockets with black and white stripes. The soft pink suit has a masculine yet feminine appeal that’s great for business lunches or an afternoon at a show. We love the easy style of the suit with the sunglasses and bed head hair style.

Boho Street Chic

One of our favourite looks of 2016 is this effortless boho chic look. It combines a beautiful range of textures and flattering pieces that look refined yet relaxed. The loose cropped trousers with contrasting stitching detail are perfect for a variety of occasions from office to bar. We love the rough silk top with puffed sleeves that offer a softness to the whole outfit. The vintage style white belt helps to tie together and break up the contrasting colours. The sleep topknit and soft sole heels complete the look perfectly.