Festive Makeup Trends To Try This Party Season

Festive Makeup Trends To Try This Party Season

The complete Goth culture is very much in trend this year with Goth festive makeup trends  stealing the show almost everywhere. The dark and beautiful makeover instantly gives you a classy look you have always wanted. The use of different glitters and a red lipstick just complements or completes the already chic look. So here we will help you follow the trend by keeping in mind just a few things. To carry out the perfect black out, modern gothic look just follows these steps.

festive make up trends

Keep it balanced.

When going with dark and moody shades, it is always better to highlight or emphasize on one feature. The makeup should be appealing not distracting. If your focus is eyes, for instance, smoky eyes, go for light lip colors such as nudes. Similarly, with red lipstick, try to highlight your eyebrows only. If you want to apply some eye shadow, go for extremely light shades. Nowadays, almost black-burgundy lipstick with thick well-groomed eyebrows is the most common and popular look. Trust us this will give you the classiest look ever, so give it a try. While going for this perfect look, don’t forget to use the lip brush. It will enhance the lip shade.

Consider other moody shades for eyes.

For a long time, dark gray and black eye shades are being used to create the traditional goth look, but the new goth gives you a lot of flexibility in using these shades in whatever way you want to use. You can play with these shades until you are completely in love with yourself. If you don’t want to go with the “all black rule,” shades of purples, blues, and even lighter tones of browns will do the job and that too very nicely. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil is the most popular dark colored liner pencil. To end the look, add some glitter.

Go easy on the foundation.

Wearing layers and layers of foundation is no longer the trend. All you need to get that unique Goth look is a fresh, clean, clear complexion that will go with the darker lips and eye colors. To make sure that the foundation blends well, use a primer and light moisturizer followed by a concealer. To polish up the look, add a little of blush on.

These are all the basic details you should know to try the new perfect look.