What Hairstyle Best Suits your face shape

What Hairstyle Best Suits your face shape

A good haircut does wonders! But a good haircut isn’t just down to a great stylish and taking inspiration from your favourite celebrity. What separates a poor haircut from a fabulous one is finding a hairstyle that suits your face shape. Choosing the wrong style for your face shape could lead to an unflattering look that will have you reaching for your big sunglasses and floppy hat until it grows out.


Understanding your face shape

There’s no right or wrong face shape, whatever you have is natural and perfect, but like good tailoring, the right cut makes all the difference. Before you head off to the salon you should take some time to understand what your face shape actually is. This can be done at home with a large mirror and natural light.

-Tie your hair back and clip any wayward strands of hair out of your face so you can see your face fully.

-Measure your face with a ruler and measure the width of your brow, cheekbones and jawline. Next measure the length of your face from your forehead to your chin.

The most common face shapes are:

Oval-width of brow and cheeks and jaw are almost equal
Round-face is nearly as wide as it is long, your forehead and jaw curve at the corners.
Heart shape-wide brow with narrow jaw
Square– length and width of face are equal

Below are some of our favourite hairstyles for different face shapes.

Pixie Cut for Round Face

A pixie cut is a brave, stylish option for many women, especially if you want to go short in a dramatic way (less hair maintenance is always great too!). The pixie cut flatters the round face as it helps to downplay the softness of your face whilst adding some length to your face. It’s a great look for emphasising your eyes too.

Shoulder Length Hair for Round Face

Shoulder length hair helps to create a slimming effect on a round face. Soft layers help to create volume which draws the eye and counter balances the circular shape of your face. When putting in curls of any type a good tip is to have the curls curve away from under your chin.

Long Hair for Round Face

If you have longer hair you’re in luck, this is a very flattering style for those with round faces. Aim to have long, subtle layers that finish at the jawline. A few layers at the end will help keep your hair from being weighed down.

Short Hair for Heart Shape

Not a typical pixie crop, this style is great for heart shaped faces as it draws attention away from the jawline and the tousled top help make the forehead look slimmer. This look consists of evenly clipped side and nape with short, but dramatic layers on top.

Medium Hair for Heart Shape

Longer layers and a swept fringe are elegant and stylish, but also help to draw your eyes away from the chin and adds balance to the overall face. For this face shape uniform layers are essential depending on your hair type, tapered, chopping layers will draw focus to the chin.

Long Hair Heart Shape

A heavy fringe will help to offset a prominent jaw, but to achieve an effective finish the rest of the hair needs to be lighter in texture. A few curly sections will add body and be visually interesting. A good tip is to curl a few strands away from your face.

Haircuts for Oval Faces

Like round faces, oval faces can wear a variety of similar styles but it’s important to consider some key differences. Angular bobs will help to emphasis the most flattering parts of an oval face shape. Medium and longer hair on oval faces need layers that create a lengthening effect. Swept side fringes will also help to shorten a long oval face.

Hair Cuts for Square faces

Square faces are best flattered with styles that draw attention to their amazing cheekbones, so short, layered bobs will help make your best features stand out. For longer hair styles swept fringe and shorter, choppier layers will help draw out your cheek bones rather than focus on your jaw.