Beauty Trends Set For This Winter

Beauty Trends Set For This Winter

The changing seasons normally usher in the return of beloved boots and stylish winter coats. The change from summer to autumn also brings in a change in fashion and beauty trends that will set the look into 2017. This year fashion has seen a lot of exciting new things and we’re looking forward to  seeing over the festive period and beyond.


Negative space winged eye liner

Earlier make up trends showed a preference for filled in eyes, but this season is showing how effective negative space can be. Black wings create a classic yet modern look but we love how it’s been taken a step further by extending the shape onto the lids. Recreate these looks using thick liquid or gel eyeliner. Experiment with different shapes and angles to see what party look you can create.

Bold on the lips

Show off your lips this season with crimson, orange and pinks or even darker colours. Bold lips are often a staple in fashion but the key to making this look bold and trendy is to balance it with the rest of your makeup. This look tends to favour a fresher look on the skin, so keep the foundation light and add a soft blusher to give a defined, yet subtle look.

Glitter, glitter everywhere!

Glitter is a staple in festive fashion but this season’s trend see it being taken to a whole new level. On some of the runways we’ve seen glitter across the eyebrows, nose and cheeks. If you want to replicate this look for a night out a glitter eyeshadow is a subtle way to go. If you want to really make a statement you can opt for a dusting of glitter pieces across your face, focusing on certain areas such as your cheekbones or nose. Affix in place using non toxic eyelash glue and you’ll be glittering all night.

Use your head 

Hats are great, but they aren’t always flattering, and thankfully this season is seeing some bold statements in headwear that aren’t all cosy knit hats. From pairing simple up dos with headbands to Romanesque metal crowns, there’s a subtle or not to subtle style to suit most occasions and tastes. One of our favourites has been to put your hair into a loose, yet sexy pony tail and tie with a piece of gauzy fabric. It’s a subtle and easy to achieve look that adds extra dimension to your outfit.

Switch up from contouring

Contouring does wonders, but this season is taking a step back. A softer, almost weather worn look is popular for this time of year. The upside is that this look requires less make up so means you can get your routine down to a few minutes. Let your natural skin beauty speak for itself with light powder, pink blush and tinted lips.

Make art

Your eyes are a wonderful canvas for makeup. You can express so much with different styles and even have some fun. This season you can try out pop art style dots on your eyelids or go bold with blue liner. Experiment with different lines, colours and textures to see how you can turn your best features into works of art.