Party Season Trends 2016

Party Season Trends 2016

Season Party Trends

The festive season is the perfect time for hosting parties and get togethers. Don’t look out of touch with fashion by throwing a party with last year’s hot trends. In this blog we cover the hottest party trends for Christmas and New Year. There’s so much to choose from so we’ve hand picked what we think at the best party trends this season. So get your festive party on!


Take inspiration from Pantone

Every year Pantone selects two colours of the year. For 2016 it’s the gorgeous shades of soft rose quartz and soft blue. These two pastel colours compliment each other beautifully and create a great base for accessorising your venue. You can select table linens, napkins or cute place settings in these colours for a contrast on the usual red and green festive place settings.

Switch over your taste in metallics

Come Christmas time silver is THE metallic to be seen around but for 2016 you should switch it up with copper and rose gold. We love these colours, they’re warm and inviting which is just how a Christmas party should feel. You can opt for wine glasses dipped in copper or rose gold colours for a new take on Christmas cocktails or you could treat yourself to some new copper tableware.

Put the writing on the cake or in your drinks…

Laser cut party items are big this year! They’re a fabulous way of putting a personal message on your cakes, or you could even use them as cocktail stirrers for your drinks. You can have a set for each occasion from weddings or find ones that have festive sayings.

Forget icing, all cakes are going naked

Icing when done the right way looks amazing but it can look over decorated. The trend of decorating your cake in a rustic, minimal fashion is still going strong this year. A few layers of sponge topped with seasonal fruits or edible flowers looks elegant and fits in with the festive rustic look.

Make a mini cocktail bar

When it comes to festive and seasonal parties you have to have cocktails (or mocktails.) There’s nothing worse than making your venue look amazing and then having to find space to prepare and make cocktails. This can be a messy process. So why not make a mini cocktail bar or have a drinks making station? Simply prepare everything beforehand and present in cute containers and let people mix their drinks according to instructions on a blackboard.

Be the giver of practical party favors

A party favour is always nice to give away but it should be something special and practical for your guests. For a festive party it’s the perfect chance to give a practical, usable gift such as a mason jar filled with cake or cookie ingredients and baking instructions. If you’ve got time why not brew some homemade elderflower wine as a gift?

Light up, light up

Seasonal fairy lights can look a bit tacky so bring back some class with globe or vintage style LED light bulbs. There are many lights that are suitable for use indoors and outdoors. Drape lights across doorways or windows for a magical, festive look.