Eco Fashion Week

Eco Fashion Week

Eco Fashion Week that features hundreds of designers and stylists is the world’s largest sustainable fashion week. Surprised, that it was only launched in 2010, and yet has gained such success?

Well considering the Fashion Industry as being the second most wasteful industry in the world, Eco Fashion week, has effectively played its role in encouraging zero-waste production and in coming up with solutions and innovations to ensure sustainability. Thus a huge shout out to Eco Fashion Week for inspiring hundreds of brands and designers around the globe.

Eco Fashion week launched its 11th season in Seattle this week, from 1st to 4th November, continuing to raise global awareness for socially, environmentally and sustainable consumption and simultaneously bringing many international and local brands on one platform. The four-day exhibition featured presentations from many designers, including Vancouver’s Nicole Bridger and Rimpy Sahota.

Eco Fashion Week

Once again, Nicole Bridger, who won Eco designer of the year in 2010, was able to win over fans due to her enormous collection. Her tagline, “We create lifestyle products and conversation that support ethical and inspired living”, was plainly evident in her work. Thus, Bridger who started to sew at the age of 7, and was significantly influenced by the son of Canadian shoe designer, John Fluevog, successfully kicked off fashion week this week.

Nicole Bridger’s highlight and thus the must have of this season, was her belief pant. It is a classic cigarette pant that she claimed will never go out of style. Made from her sustainable fabric, it offers great fit and comfort. Other great outfits that captured many eyes include mantra tees, protection cardi (100% cashmere) and wisdom jacket.

Moreover, people loved her Jersey Maxi Dress, for it is easy to carry. Her long fair trade cotton cardigan and silk top were also amongst her best collection.

Common reviews on her collection were, “Her dresses are sexy, feminine and contemporary in minimalistic lifestyle”.
No doubt, designers such as Henry Wanjala and Rimpy Sahota came up with the amazing collection; they were not able to compete with Nicole Bridger’s fabulous collection. Once again Bridget did it;

It is always about helping people. Seeing how our clothes make people feel and how excited they are to find a brand that aligns with their values.