How Accessories Can Transform Your Look

How Accessories Can Transform Your Look

Sometimes no matter how much you plan out your day and set aside time to get ready, you might be left with just a few minutes to somehow find an outfit that looks put together and chic. So what can you do? Accessorize of course! Much like the classic little black dress, there are some accessories or fashion items that can overhaul your entire look in just seconds.

So if you’re after an accessory that goes from casual to formal casual, or from casual to sexy, keep on reading for our favorite accessories that transform your look.


If in doubt, go geometric

An accessory doesn’t need to be backstage to your outfit, it can center stage and easily jazz up any outfit. This golden necklace by Marni creates a bold, modern look with its unusual arrangement of geometric shapes. This necklace would look great layered over a chiffon blouse or worn with a scoop neck top. Bold eyeliner and swept back hair would also compliment the contemporary vibe of this necklace.

Charmingly cute

Every woman should have that one accessory that makes you instantly feel good. We love the whimsical charms on this necklace by Chloe, wearing something as pretty as that will give your whole outfit a nice, feminine appeal. This necklace would look lovely with a jersey tunic dress and knee high books, or look great with a fitted black dress for a slightly more formal look.

Casual Sophistication

Have you ever seen how some celebrities just manage to make leggings and a loose top look sophisticated? This isn’t always down to the brand of the clothing or the cut of the fabric, it’s their accessories. Jeans and a t-shirt is always a firm favorite for many, it’s a blank canvas you can easily dress up and dress down. A simple, yet striking necklace is one way to life your casual out to casually sophisticated. The best part is that you’ll look smart with hardly any extra effort.

Dial up the funky

Sometimes you need an instant outfit enhancer when you’re out and about. Sunglasses are a fabulous way to bring your outfit from drab to funky without needing to change a thing. Even if it’s a winter, these funky sunglasses will brighten even the plainest of winter coats.

Scarves are a woman’s best friend

Next to diamonds, a classic scarf is definitely a woman’s best friend. A scarf is a handy little accessory that had many uses and can be worn in many different ways. It can be knotted at your neck for an elegant, polished look, or simply draped across your shoulders for a cool yet still formal look. Choose neutral colours for a professional look that can go from the office to the town.

Bags are also a woman’s best friend

Okay, we said that scarves are a woman’s best friend, but so are handbags. A gorgeous handbag can instantly make any outfit look a million dollars. It’s good fashion practise to invest in pieces that will give you a sophisticated look. We love this cross body bag as it can suit any outfit, formal or casual and add a fun element.

Sporty Girl

We’ve had the funky sunglasses and now we have sunglasses for a sporty look. Pair these with a cropped denim jacket for a sporty look, or with a biker style leather jacket for a mod rocker inspired look (all without the safety pins!)