Our Favourite Jewellery Style From Barbara Cartlidge

Jewellery Style From Barbara Cartlidge

Do not miss the opportunity to experience Goldsmiths’ Fair’s Barbara Cartlidge and Electrum Gallery: A Passion for Jewellery which will be exhibiting the excellent work of the Berlin-born British jewellery designer-Barbara Cartlidge. The exhibition which will end on October 9th- will be featuring 25 of her most exquisite pieces of jewellery that were crafted in the 60’s and 70’s. Be drifted away into another era while viewing work from this creative and distinguished career.

Barbara Cartlidge, a graduate of London’s Central School of Arts and Crafts, earned her big break after a solo exhibition at Heel’s in 1960. Her participation in other important exhibitions was critically acclaimed and helped catapult Ms. Cartlidge to the forefront of jewellery design. Her contributions to the world of historical jewellery have been enormous and even until this day Ms. Cartlidge’s work greatly influences and shapes future generations of jewellers. Her first Electrum Gallery in London took place in 1971 and had proven to become one of the world’s most prestigious and influential temporary galleries.

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Cartridge’s work features jaw-dropping big stones and stunning jewelled tones which give the pieces a dramatic effect. Her work incorporates the majestic movements of colour and form which made her the unconventional, stylish event grade that she is. Apart from beautiful stones; silver, gold, amethyst and slices of quartz also make frequent appearances in her pieces. Ms. Cartridge’s enormous contribution to post-war jewellery along with her role as a well-respected educator; having published several books on contemporary jewellery designing, has made her influence on future generations quite evident.

Make sure to visit this exquisite gallery to view the stunning work of this impactful designer. Explore her extraordinary life in Barbara Cartlidge’s biography, Barbara Cartlidge, and Electrum Gallery: A Passion for Jewellery, by Dr. Beatriz Chadour-Sampson and Janice Hose good which looks over her 36 years of work up until her retirement in 2007. You can purchase this book at the Goldsmith’s Fair. Do not miss the breakfast talks program during the show in which you get the chance to meet the authors and hear what they have to say about the Electrum Gallery. Buy your tickets now and explore the extraordinary life of Barbara Cartlidge.