Louis Vuitton Launch Their First Perfume in 70 years

Louis Vuitton Launch Their First Perfume in 70 years

Who hasn’t heard of Louis Vuitton? It’s one of the longest standing fashion brands and is based in the world’s fashion capital, Paris. Louis Vuitton become well known in the latter part of the 20th for its range of leather goods like handbags and purses. These days everyone know that Louis Vuitton means quality and style.

Would you be surprised if we told you that Louis Vuitton was one of the few fashion houses that launched their last perfume over 70 years ago? Well, this has changed with the introduction of their brand new range of perfume. Like anything Luis Vuitton has done in the past, they’ve done this with only the finest ingredients and talent available.

Their new perfume range is akin to a Bentley, it has prestige, elegance and is pure luxury. The perfumer who coordinated the range comes from a family tradition of perfume. Jacques Cavallier Belletrud has worked with some of the biggest names in the perfume industry which made him the obvious choice to create the new range of perfume for Louis Vuitton.

The new perfume range centers around the theme of flowers and femininity. The perfumes are embody Belletrud’s interest of flowers and the way they represent woman’s beauty, strength and delicacy. These perfumes weren’t created for a particular market like many other perfumes, they were created to appeal to all women at all stages of their lives. Each perfume is themed around a certain flower and was even inspired by particular events of Belletrud.

Making perfume is no easy feat, especially when the perfumes are based on real flower extracts. Capturing the essence of flowers is difficult so Louis Vuitton choose to use cutting edge technology to ensure that the fresh scents could be collected. As a result this perfume range is as sweet and fresh as new blossoms in spring rain.

Louis Vuitton

The new range of perfume by Louis Vuitton:

Rose des Vents contains three kinds of roses, Bulgarian, Turkish and centifolia rose to create a gorgeous scent.

Turbulences combines the heady scents of tuberose and jasmine, reminiscent of a warm, summer evening.

Dans la Peau focuses on jasmine and narcissus, but uniquely has pieces of natural leather from the Vuitton workshop!

Apogée contains a few flowers but the main theme is the scent of the lily of the valley.

Contre Moi is a scent for those who love fresh, playful vanilla.

Matière Noire strikes a harmonious balance with patchouli and white flowers.

Mille Feux is one of the more exotic perfumes and has a mix of Chinese Osmanthus (a white flower) and leather.

Each one of these scents is available in 200 ml, 100 ml bottles. For those who want to smell amazing wherever they go there are travel sizes available, each of which come with 4 cartridges. If you’re wanting to try all 7 (and who could blame you?) there is a box set of all 7 perfumes coming in at 10 ml each.

Our favorite box set is three full sized bottles of perfume with one of Louis Vuitton’s trademark travel cases. This would be the ultimate gift for anyone woman to receive.

Creating lasting scents and a lasting planet

Flowers mean so much, they mean love, laughter and beautiful memories. It was important during the design of the perfumes that some elements were environmentally friendly, so the bottles can be refilled. This means the beautiful bottles can be refilled for travel or used for decorative purposes.

We are excited about this new range of perfume from one of the best fashion brands on the planet. We love everything this new range stands for and look forward to more from the talented Jacques Cavallier Belletrud as Louis Vuitton’s first ever in-house perfumer.