13 Spooky Makeup Trends To Try This Halloween – Part B

Following our previous article on 13 Spooky Makeup Trends To Try For This Halloween let’s have a look on the remaining 6 Spooky Makeups and enjoy a scary, stunning, and spooky Halloween!

8. The Red Queen

Again—cover your face and hair in thick white face paint. Apply bright red lipstick to your lips and eyebrows. Smudge red eyeshadow around your eyes. Draw a thick black flick above the eyes, apply delicate black mascara, and wear white contact lenses.

9. Mystique from X-Men

Simply cover half of your face with blue face paint and leave the other half normal—ala Mystique mid-change. On both sides, wear black eyeliner, mascara, and red lipstick. And on the blue side, wear a yellow contact lens.

10. Sexy witch

Cover your face in white face paint and apply green eyeshadow as an eye mask, taking it across your nose too. Create black smoky eyes using eyeshadow and mascara. Wear dark red lipstick and line it in black. Emphasise your cheekbones with grey eyeshadow.

11. Sad pierrot

Apply white face paint up to the edges of your face. Create apple-shaped blusher circles on your cheeks. Wear light red lipstick and draw a black panel in the middle of both lips. Draw “surprised” eyebrows in thin eyeliner pen, a vertical slit above and below one eye, and a small tear drop below the other eye. Apply black mascara and slightly smoky eyes.

12. Ventriloquist dummy

Apply white face paint for emphasis on your t-zone, around your eyes, the tip of your nose, and from your chin up to your cheek bones. Use eyeliner pencil to draw your chin and cheekbones. Apply a light amount of blusher to your cheeks. Use eyeliner pen to draw dramatic eyes and eyebrows. Use black, red, and white to create glossy lips.

13. Doll face

Similar to the pierrot, apply white face paint to the edges of your face and dramatic apple-shaped blusher on your cheeks. Wear red lipstick in a block in the middle of your lips. Draw big eyelashes in eyeliner pen under your eyes.


Do you have other spooky makeup? Then, let us know!