Our Favourite Nail Trends For This Season

Our Favourite Nail Trends For This Season

Bold, bright and beautiful have been the main nail art trends for 2016.  Your nails are the ultimate canvas to express your mood and your taste. From gel to acrylic, your nails can be shaped into works of art that complement your outfit, mood and style. Nail art typically feels like a summer affair but we think nail art should be year long, so here are our top picks for nail trends for winter 2016/2017

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Nail shapes for winter 2016/17

The shape of your nails are as important as the colour of your nails. Over 2016 we have seen a lot of models sporting the pretty squared oval which creates a soft finish. The other popular shape we have seen are longer nails with a rounded finish. Either of these looks can be achieved at home with a good quality nail file and a little practice.

Gothic inspired colours

Think of glossy blacks, deep velvety purples and deep greys. This trend of dark hues means you can be bold in your choice of make such as cat eyes or a dark tinted lipstick.

Ways to wear this new look include using black as the base colour and adding another on top. This will create a rich finish which is perfect for completing a glamorous look.

Streaks of silver

Winter means the return of snow and ice, so this new trend is bang on. We think silver nails will be a great trend for winter, especially in the run up to Christmas. From smooth metallic polishes to nails finished off with two tones of silver and gold, winter ice inspired nails are sure to look stunning.

Getting glam with rhinestones and gems

We love how just adding a third dimension to your nails turns your nails into art. Add a subtle sparkle to your manicure with diamantes or swarovski crystals if you’re feeling luxurious!. This look would look perfect with darker or brighter colours to beat the winter blues.

Glitter is the way to go

Vamp up your outfit with glittery nails, this look can be full on glitter in a range of colours to create a bold, modern look. Change up the look with glittery tips and a subtle base colour like pale pink or cream.

Have some fun with childhood graphics

The 90’s was a bright and colourful time- so why not use some retro inspiration and paint your nails with geometric shapes and bold colour contrasts?

Painting lines

Nail art can become elaborate but we love how effective a few simple lines look. Use clear nail polish as a base and experiment with different colours and angles.

A new take on a classic

The classic french manicure will always have a special place in our hearts but we think the reverse french manicure will be popular this winter. Switch up your colours and use a darker colour for your tips, or even a glittery edge for a truly wintery look.

Smooth as marble

Marbling is just a gorgeous look and it’s so easy to create. Each nail will be unique and you can create a subtle, or not so subtle look with your colour choice. Pick out colours from your outfit to create a coordinated look.

If in doubt classic nails will always be top for winter 2016/17

We love the variety of hot nail trends for winter 2016/17, but if you’re still unsure, the classic perfect french manicure and squared oval will always be a winner. Neutral, almost skin tone colours are always a great go to and suit a variety of occasions.