13 Spooky Makeup Trends To Try This Halloween – Part A

Spooky Make up Trends for Halloween

Halloween is one of those awesome times of year when you can get really creative with your outfit choices and make-up designs without everyone thinking you’ve gone a little crazy! So whether you want to explore some new make-up techniques or are looking for a last-minute Halloween outfits, we’ll show you how to create some scary, stunning, and spooky Halloween looks just using make-up and a few accessories.

Halloween make up

1. Doe

Apply thick black eyeshadow to create statement eyebrows and dramatic eyes up to your brows. Wear black mascara, and wear black lipstick on your top lip. Draw a line from your top lip to the base of your nose and draw a small “deer” nose in eyeliner pen.

2. Evil Queen

Cover your face in thick white face paint, then apply bright red lipstick and thick black eye shadow around your eyes with flicks. Add total black contact lenses to complete the evil look.

3. Glam skeleton

Cover your face in thin white face paint, then apply black face paint to the tip of your nose, around your eyes, and your jaw line. To get the glam look, keep your lines wispy and swirly. Apply light foundation to your lips, then draw black vertical lines using eyeliner pencil.

4. Dead movie star

This 20s look is very vintage! Cover your face in white face paint, apply dark red-purple lipstick, then create large eye socket holes in grey eyeshadow down on to your cheeks.

5. Pop art

Ala Lichtenstein, cover your face and bare skin in white polka dots. Draw a “pow” sign using red lipstick and an eyeliner pen. Draw an exaggerated cleavage, collar bones, ear hole, and lines around your chin and nose so you look like a 2D image. Apply thick black mascara and draw a tear using eyeliner pen and blue face paint. Then apply bright red lipstick and draw a black line around your lips. Spot on!

6. Two faced

Cover half of your face in white face paint, then draw a cracked line down the middle in eyeliner pen. Create thick grey smoky eyes all the way to your nose with thin cracked lines. On the “normal” side, wear bright lipstick and mascara.

7. Monochrome

Paint thick white face paint in a “mask” around your eyes and over your nose, then add grey eyeshadow to your eyebrows, then finish with dark black lipstick.


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