How to style colorful single soles

How to style colorful single soles

An often underrated staple of fashion is a pair single sole shoes. When you think of single sole shoes you may just think of a plain black style of shoe commonly worn for more formal occasions. Currents trends may favor heavier, clunkier shoes but the single sole is always the go to classic for a more put together look. Single soles are shoes that are light and dainty. They can vary but generally have a high heel, pointed toe and open top.

We love color single soles because they’re so versatile, easy to slip on and just so much fun to wear. Maybe you’ve seen a pair that you love, but you’re not sure what they might go with. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’re going to talk you through the essential ways to style color single soles (and share some of our personal favorites!)


Use color and texture to brighten up a casual look

Adding a splash of color to your outfit with a scarf or handbag is a great way to cheer up a single tone outfit. The other way you can really make your outfit stand out is to pair it with contrasting colour and texture. These gorgeous red single soles by Taylor Says have a unique texture that’s stylish and adventurous. This pair of red single soles would look great with black skinny jeans and a chic top for a casual look for shopping or lunch out with the girls.


Coordinate the shade of your shoes with your makeup

If you’re feeling playful and bold, why not match the color of your shoes to your lipstick or nails? When wearing colorful soles you don’t want to overwhelm your outfit with too many matching accessories, subtly is key. We think these fuchsia heels by Aldo would be perfectly offset with fuchsia nails or even some gorgeous fuchsia lip-gloss.


Try a quirky print

Who says shoes can’t be fashionable and have a novelty factor? The key to wearing print shoes (much like leopard print fabric or shoes) is to pick out tones in the shoes to complement the rest of your outfit. Black leggings, a tunic top and a leather jacket create a fun, rock chic look with these stunners from Taylor Says.


Go for suede

Suede isn’t just for winter boots, suede makes a great material for single soles. When looking for suede single soles look out for interesting details like peep toes or cut outs. Suede is a versatile material that can dress up a cute play suit or bring a relaxed edge to your Friday casual office outfit. Take a look a these suede single soles in Cherry by Dolce Vita, we’re just a bit in love with them.


If in any doubt, go for two tone

Do you have a little black dress that needs a splash of color up? Two tone single soles are the way to go! We recommend keeping it simple with block colours of your outfit and let your shoes speak for themselves. A little splash of modern color on a classic favorite.