Victoria Beckham Unveils New Makeup Collection

Popstar, mother, wife, designer and entrepreneur, Victoria Beckham is proof you should not be defined by a single label. A self confessed makeup and skincare addict, Victoria Beckham headed the launch of her new makeup range from Estée Lauder earlier this week. In a world where you need to be selfie ready at any moment, her new makeup aims to help women look and feel beautiful all the time.

Victoria Beckham was inspired by her mother’s beauty regime when she was a child. Describing her mother as perfectly put together and glamorous, Victoria developed an a lifelong interest in hair and makeup. Victoria loved to mix different colors to create the exact shade she wanted. She kept many of these homemade shades which helped inspire her new range of makeup.

Her approach to beauty is refreshing as she wants woman to make the best of their features (not that Victoria Beckham needs any help looking stunning whatever the occasion!) In essence, her new makeup range is about simplicity. The range is aimed at creating outstanding results with simple components.

victoria beckham make up launch

The collection is themed around specific cities to achieve certain looks. This is based on where Victoria has lived and worked over her career. Each collection is tailored to reflect the culture, trends and fashions of each city based on her personal experiences. Who would not want to wear makeup that Victoria Beckham has personally selected?

The London Look features dark, smokey eyes, bold eyeliner and nude lip colors. London is where it all happened for Victoria, where her career took off and she fell in love. The eyeshadows can be applied wet or dry and smudged for an edgy, cultured look.

The Paris Look: Our personal favourite look so far! Gorgeous red that’s a nod to the classic red with modern undertones. This red lipstick will suit all skin tones so anyone can feel glamorous in any city setting. Pair this with a subtle yet sexy cat flick in green to make your eyes stand out.

The LA Look reflects LA’s climate with bronze and golden tones. A more subtle, but still powerful look that leaves you looking sun kissed and relaxed. The perfect look for busy mums and women who want to feel fresh and selfie ready, whatever the weather. ‘Have you been on holiday?’ is what people will ask with this fresh look.

The New York Look: New York’s fast paced nature is captured in brave and bold pallet. Victoria paired sapphire eyeshadow with bronzed skin and glossy lips. Bright colors, reflective hues all make a look that’s sophisticated and well put together. Perfect if you’re heading off to a Broadway show.

We just love that Victoria Beckham has made the bold move into cosmetics. She’s proven herself to be a successful woman who can juggle family life and career whilst still looking amazing. Her new range of make by Estée Lauder is helping woman to love and enhance their best parts, not cover them up.