Studded Shoes: The Shoe Trend for this summer

Studded Shoes

Summer is finally here and the newest and chicest fashion trends have hit the stores too. As every year, summer trends this year are also innovative, unique and very stylish. One such fashion trend is studded shoes. Studded platform shoes are a very trendy new style these summers, especially amongst the young people. This trend can be seen on models, actors and other fashion icons which makes it a must have for these summers. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Drake, Kanye West have been spotted wearing this latest summer trend which has set studded platforms as a fashion icon for the young generation.

Studded shoes are a rage amongst girls and boys, equally. They are in demand by both  genders. Boys usually prefer studded sneakers or platform boots. On the other hand, girls go for beautifully studded platform heels or platform sneakers. The trendiest color for studded platform shoes these summers is black. This is because black is a universal color that can be worn with any color of clothing.

Black studded platforms give a very chic and classy  feel. The platforms laced with shiny studs give off an edgy look. Studded  shoes are usually worn with informal clothing like jeans and a casual tee. However, if you have a fashion sense of mixing different styles and the will to experiment with different fashion looks, you can carry studded  shoes with a formal LBD. This will give you an edgy and daring yet sophisticated plus elegant look. You can even experiment with your style by wearing your studded platforms with a flowery dress. This combination will add a tinge of edgy and daring flair, along with summery and fresh vibe to your personality.

Studded platform shoes have made it to all the major runway shows this summer, which makes it the most popular shoe trend of the season. These shoes are available in all leading fashion stores and on-line as well. The prices range is wide and you can find these shoes in a very expensive or even a cheap price, depending on the brand and quality. Studded platforms come in different styles and colors as well, not just necessarily in black and in platform sneakers. After black studded, white colored studded shoes are also quite famous amongst the people. Studded platforms come in other styles too, like heeled studded ,studded wedges or sandals etc. These too are very popular amongst the young generation as they can be worn with different styles and look very stylish and chic.

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