Midheels Are Here to Stay for this Summer

Midheels Pumps Are Here to Stay!

The mid-heel pump was first introduced in Celine’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection, but has gained huge popularity having won over the fashion world. At the 2016 New York Fashion Week, the mid heels was a strong favorite with designers including Gucci … and lucky for us, they’re here to stay thanks to their stylishness, wearability, and versatility.

It’s no wonder that these surprisingly simple heels have been sending ripples through the fashion world—rarely do women find a high-fashion item that’s both sexy and comfortable. It usually goes with the territory that to look good, we have to suffer! So this season, fashion’s gift to women everywhere is the mid-heel pump.

With a heel height of 1.5-3 inches (the average being around 2 inches), these heels will not only look feminine and stylish, they’ll also keep you comfortable throughout those long summer days at work, out on the town, or gadding about town. So ditch those emergency flats in your handbag!

Not only are they oodles more comfortable than wearing high heels all day, and stylish, they’re actually good for your feet! So kiss goodbye to flats-related arch injuries and falling-off-your-stilettos accidents!

The tomboy sister of the kitten heel … the sexier sister of the ballet flat—this super-versatile shoe can be combined with masculine outfits to create contrasting femininity, can jazz up traditional work-wear, or can add edge to a pretty dress. If you’re feeling bold, you can even team them with frilly ankle socks for a Japanese-inspired look.

Thankfully, there’s something for us all as they come in a range of styles and shapes—from blocky Cuban heels on round-toed ballet pumps to kittenish heels on scrappy-pointy numbers. From suede to leather, delicate to chunky, bright to demure—the possibilities are endless. Equally, this means your outfit possibilities are limitless too.

So here are our top two picks for this summer!

Rosetta Getty’s midheels are super-stylish and chic for this summer. Although they’re available in a range of colors including red and tan, the black and neutral are our absolute favorites! These two mid heels are the perfect addition to any summer wardrobe. With their tiny square heel and a delicate ankle strap, your feet will be content all day long, even after hours of walking. These pointed beauties exude class and femininity, making them perfect for a range of outfits.

The black version make the perfect day-to-night shoe. Combine them with some cropped boy-fit trousers, a sleeveless top, and a blazer for a classy office look. Then switch the jacket for some bold lipstick and voilà—perfect after-work drinks outfit. Or go all-out and swap the trousers for a matching flared skirt for an uber-chic night out.  The neutral version can of course add subtlety to your office wear, but they deliver maximum effect in a tonal outfit­ of baby pinks and salmons.

So why wait? Grab yourself these Rosetta Getty’s Midheels  in a few colors and look forward to happy feet all summer long!


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