Fine jewelery and the woman behind the sparkle of Oscar Awards

Fine  jewelery

Whether it’s Cannes, the Oscars or simply a star studded movie premier, any time our favorite celebrities walk along the red carpet we are instantly transfixed with what they are wearing, the gown, the shoes and of course the glitziest pieces of all, the jewelery.

But where do the stars go when they want the latest in fine jewelery for their events?

The answer is Fred Leighton’s creative director Rebecca Selva. (Featured image: Rebecca Selva in Fred Leighton on Madison Avenue in New York City.)

Her pieces are often a mix of old classical styles with a modern twist, many of which have an old Hollywood feel, making them both timeless and sort after.

It is easy to see why they are a firm favorite with actresses such as Charlize Theron, Natalie Portman and Nicole Kidman, she has an eye for matching jewelery to the actress, making each piece fit perfectly with the wearer.

Fred Leighton’s have long been Hollywood’s go to jeweler, and since the mid 1970’s have been selling and collecting amazing one off and vintage pieces from their store in New York. They tailor to everyone who has a passion for the finest jewelery as well as collectors of rare and unusual fine jewelery.

Nicole Kidman wearing both Prada and Fred Leighton at the 1996 Academy Awards

The jewelery itself is timeless as well as elegant and as with most fine jewelery it is easy to see why these glamorous accessories are a vital piece to any outfit.

From earrings to hair accessories, jewelery has always been worn to help create that perfect look, fine jewelery is no different, it has been worn by royalty, celebrity and those in the social elite for that purpose for many years, and like the little black dress, fine jewelery is classic and can be worn with a wide range of evening wear styles. Making it as sort after as the dresses themselves.

Fred Leighton worn by the stars: Charlize Theron in 2000; Jennifer Lopez in 2001; Natalie Portman in 2005; Sarah Jessica Parker in 2010; Carey Mulligan in 2010; and Lupita Nyong’o in 2014.

Rebecca Selva has worked with some of Hollywood’s greatest actresses over the years, helping them create the looks they are best known for on the red carpet. From Meryl Streep’s beautiful Victorian inspired gold earrings to Natalie Portman’s elegant vintage 19th century diamond headband.

Meryl Streep’s Victorian gold pendant earrings worn in 2012.

Her use of both vintage pieces, such as the stunning pair of sapphire and diamond bracelets worn by Tilda Swinton in 2012 as well as modern day classics will continue to make her the person the stars go to for the finest jewelery for many years to come.

A pair of vintage sapphire and diamond bracelets, which Tilda Swinton wore to the 2012 Golden Globe Awards.

So the next time you are watching the Oscars, keep your eyes open for some beautifully elegant pieces of jewellery and know that they are most likely put there by Rebecca Selva herself.

The 19th Century diamond headband, worn by Natalie Portman to the Oscars in 2006.