Blazer..the most versatile and classic piece of your wardrobe.

Blazer..the most versatile and classic piece

The blazer might be one of this year’s most understated fashion pieces. Take a look at any designer collection for this year and you’ll find a blazer in nearly every one of them.

And why not, worn correctly the blazer isn’t  just limited to the office, depending on the color and style it can be used to complete almost any look, from casual shopper to evening goddess.The blazer can also be worn in both summer and winter without compromising on style, giving you the opportunity to experiment with different styles throughout the year.But with so many different varieties of blazer available how do you choose the best look for you?


We have  listed 5 different types of blazer and several color combination trends to help you decide how you will wear this fashion must have no matter the season.

Black and White:

You can’t go wrong with this classic monochrome color combination. With whites being another big fashion trend to watch for this year, you can add a bold dash of color with a pure black blazer to an all white summer dress with stunning results.

This combination works well with a white blazer too and even two toned black and white jackets, the choice is yours!


With the 70’s retro style still at its peak, there are a wide variety of different materials to choose from this year and you can’t go too wrong with velvet.

With its soft fine texture, this material is a great option for autumn and winter and allows for lush bold colors.

Velvet blazers work well with both casual jeans and glamorous dresses.


A big fashion trend for this spring and summer, denim is an incredibly versatile fabric that works well as a blazer and jacket.

A little limited to casual wear, this does not diminish the effect that this fabric has. Couple it with more denim for a full on look or limit it to one piece to really showcase your look.


This color is perfect for softening the long winter nights and is easy to wear. Team this color with your blazer and you’ll have a great wardrobe piece suited for both office, casual and evening wear.

Wearing a softer pink will allow you more freedom of choice with your clothing while wearing a louder or bolder pink will see you standing out for all the right reasons. The choice really is yours!


Like denim, this material and style is well suited to be worn as a jacket and is also another big trend this autumn and winter.

Perfect for the colder and wetter weather, a leather blazer when worn right can make a great office piece as well as an evening show piece.

Olive Green:

This color will be a big trend this winter, with it’s retro seventies look this color combination will work well with velvet and silk blazers to help you create your perfect winter look.

Olive green is also a very muted color, compared to some greens, which makes it perfect for the office too.


This material also has roots in the retro 70’s style that seems popular this year. And with its softer texture to traditional leather it’s a good alternative to have in your wardrobe. Suede tends to lend itself to muted colors such as browns and beiges, which worn right can really add dimension to your outfit without stealing the show too much.
Not the best material to wear in the rain, this material is better suited to dryer days throughout the year.


Go bold! Wearing a red blazer is a great way to wear such a bold vibrant color without going too far. Couple this color combination with blacks, whites and greys to really get the most from this warm color.


A classic material, wool can be suitable for both summer and winter depending on the jackets style and length. Wool is also a great material to color so can come in a wide range of different shades for you to choose from.

The color and length of a wool blazer will help determine the best look and season to wear it, so don’t worry too much about not being sure when to wear this versatile fabric.


And lastly we give you the black blazer.

A classic color for this type of jacket simply because of its versatility and wearing options. A black blazer can be worn for all occasions and is easily dressed up or down depending on your needs. It’s also one of the few colors that will truly go with any other color. So if you are not too sure on which blazer is for you, why not try this classic and go from there.