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Bottega Veneta Resort 2018

Bottega Veneta Resort 2018

The Resort collections have been slow to kick off this season, but Tomas Maier injected some much-needed season-neutral looks into the proceedings with his latest offering of stealth-wealth pieces full of want-it-now appeal.

Dior Cruise 2018

Dior Cruise 2018

Dior Cruise 2018

Maria Grazia Chiuri’s inspiration from the show came from wall paintings in the Lascaux cave, which Monsieur Dior himself was also inspired by back in the early ’50s. The hand paintings could be seen re-imagined atop wide-brimmed hats and embroidered into airy dresses on the runway.

5 Style and Practical Handbag Styles For Festival Season

festival bags

Festival season it just around the corner so that means you don’t have much time to put together this season’s hot looks, and find the perfect bag to see you through a busy season. You can try and put everything in your pockets, or even offload some stuff onto your festival buddies, but that just won’t do. We’ve come to the rescue with our top pick of festival bags in 2017. These bags are our usual mix of utter atheistic and practicality. Be warned, there are some gorgeous ones and you may find yourself wanting more than one bag for your festival activities this year…

Homage to Monique Lhuillier – Hollywood Bridal Designer

Homage Monique Lhuillier

When it comes to bridal fashion, the name Monique Lhullier is synonymous with Hollywood weddings. This A-list designer is first on the list for celebrity wedding dresses. But it might not have been the case had she found her dream wedding dress when shopping for her own big day back in 1996.
Since then, her celebrity wedding dresses include Reese Witherspoon’s A-line strapless blush gown, Avril Lavigne’s entirely black wedding dress, Pink’s halterneck bodice dress with a black sash, Carrie Underwood’s corset bodice with pink sash, and Alicia Silverstone’s modern dress with moss green sash. Indeed, Lhullier has been a trend-setter in bridal fashion, particularly in the colour arena—introducing blush gowns and contrast satin sashes.

Spotlight: Josie Natori – East Meets West Fashion

Josie Natori

The House of Natori is, focused on ready-to-wear, sleepwear, and lingerie. Her brand and philosophy is an unusual “East-West mix” both in terms of the designs and business culture. The House of Natori describes itself as “a sophisticated, spirited expression of individuality for the next generation.”
Natori’s style is eclectic, colourful without being garish, and Bohemian—from printed dresses to flared sleeves, patterned tunics to oversized jewellery. For those new to Natori, her Spring 2017 collection features a wonderful array of embroidered jackets, burnt orange wrap-over dresses and skirts, Asian-inspired wrap-around belts, and chic-peasant-style dresses.

Spotlight: Mara Hoffman – Embracing Sustainable Fashion

This week, we’re embracing the world of Mara Hoffman and her admirable brand of sustainable fashion.
Despite the brand being born in New York, Hoffman’s designs are heavily inspired by her world travels and her aesthetic is truly global. Hoffman’s designs pay homage to many cultures around the world, and her emphasis on bright colors and bold patterns embodies distant countries and nature in all of its glory.
She uses eco-friendly fibres such as recycled nylon and polyester, and sustainable cotton and viscose. Her manufacturers use renewable energy, reuse by-products, and reduce water usage, waste products, and emissions.

Featuring an Alexander McQueen Look

Alexander McQueen look

Alexander McQueen is a brand label with a lot of history and legacy. The label continues to deliver amazing fashion each season and has become a household name in the fashion industry. With celebrities like Lady GaGa advocating the brand, it’s sure to always be striking into the new and unusual with fashion. This Alexander McQueen look is a little different from the usual fair, but it is subtle with and striking in its own way.

Featuring a Stella McCartney look

Stella McCartney Look

Stella McCartney is one of those designers who just has it. It’s hard to say exactly what it is, but we know that this designer always manages to deliver something amazing when you least expect. Stella McCartney’s style is to question the status quo of gender styles and deliver style that is fresh and challenging in concept and design. In this article we look how you can get the latest Stella McCartney look in your wardrobe.